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Light Nelson

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The Queens Gardens in Nelson and surrounding areas are soon going to appear like they have never appeared before. Over the weekend 19th-21st July, the gardens will be transformed into a canvas for some unique art projects.

Through a collaboration of art, science and technology, artists have developed works that respond to darkness through illuminated installations and performances that will attempt to offer the viewer a moment of magic, illusion, beauty, interaction and fun.

Light Nelson is a great excuse to wrap up warm this Winter, gather together with family and friends, have some food, and perhaps a hot toddy while enjoying this fantastic new event. This is a free event supported by the Light Nelson artists and the Nelson community.

The Event

Over 20 projects have been approved for this year's inaugural event. Established artists working with former refugees, Outreach teenagers, and school children will explore and create unique exhibits that celebrate light. Their works will appear along side emerging and professional artists.

Using interactive mapping on a smart device, you can navigate your way through the illuminated streets and gardens. On your journey you will experience:

A story told with shadow puppetry and performances with dance and fire.

A chance to help keep the 'last tree' alive, in a creative analogy drawing attention to the destruction of our own environment.

The water features in the Queens Gardens filled with floating wishes of local school children.

A chance to discover if there really is a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

This event is set to have something for everyone to enjoy!

What We Need

This project would not have got as far as it has without the help of Nelson City Council. The biggest contributors, however, are the artists themselves, donating countless hours and thousands of dollars in materials and equipment. We need a Boost to help towards the costs involved in creating the fantastic features that will appear in this year's event.

Please Contribute

We are committed to making this event happen and become a permanent fixture of the Nelson winter. Please support us by either coming along, hitting the 'like' button, telling a friend or donating as much as you can spare. Lets Light up Nelson this Winter!



  • 2 days left..


    We are over the moon that we have reached our target, and we would like to thank everyone who has donated and become a part of this event.

    Tonight we will witness school children floating their wishes in the Queens Gardens indicating the start of this years event.  The next week will be busy setting up and preparing for the evening of the 19th, when Nelson will be lit up.. We hope to see you all there!

    We still have two days left and would be grateful for anyone who wishes to donate.  Any extra money over our target will go towards next years event.

    Thanks again :)

    Light Nelson Team

  • 101% !!


    THANK YOU so much to all that have donated and shared.

    We have reached our target- The artists will recieve help towards some of the costs of the projects. Everyone who has contributed is PART of the first Light Nelson event!!!  

    We still have 9 days left for this campeign.  Any more dontation will go towards continuing the event next year. We welocme anyone who wants to be a part of this event to join us on our journey.

    Light Nelson Team.

  • 99%..


    Wow we are so close to our target. What a fantastic responce we have had!


    Thanks to all who have shown support and donated.


    We just need $40 more and we are at 100%!


    See you all in a couple of weeks, 


    Light Nelson Team

  • Matching Donor


    We have some fantastic news!

    We have secured a matching donor for our campaign.

    “The Pochin Family” are matching any donations up to our target.  So, if you donate $10 we get $20! All matching donations will work in real time, so you can see our target getting closer.

    The Pochin Family would like to dedicate their matching donations to all the families of the artists- the unsung heroes!

    Once again, thanks for all the support- we can’t wait for the event next month!


    Light Nelson Team

  • 35%.. Amazing!!


    Thank you to everyone who has visited and shared our page. And a special thanks to those who have donated so far! 

    We are blown away with the fantastic response that we have received!


    Light Nelson Team

  • 16% !!


    Wow, things are really moving now! 

    Thank you so much for your support!!!

    There is lots going on in the world of Light Nelson, so pop on our Facebook page or website and take a look at how things are progressing.

    Busy times for the next few weeks.. it is all very exciting!

    Thanks again for your donations!

    Light Nelson Team.

  • First Donation!!


    Thank you for starting the ball rolling and donating- much appreciated!!

    There is some exciting progressions to our Boosted campaign.  All will be revealed in the next day or so..


    Light Nelson Team.