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Life in the Whale

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Newley has woken up inside of a whale and missed their dentist appointment.

An absurd and sensuous debut play from acclaimed comic and prose author Vincent Konrad, directed by poster boy for the fringe and funky - George Fenn. A collective of Wellington's most renowned indie artists have gathered to bring Konrad's sharp, surreal script to life at BATS Theatre from 11 - 15 December.

It is the non-Christmas party of Wellington's most prolific and talented wild cards and independent underdogs. Everyone is invited to get weird.

Come on a voyage inside the body of the largest mammal on Earth, where four whale-bound locals are living a humble existence in the main chamber. Take a tour to see the lilies in the duodenum, pour yourself a stiff whiskey, and settle down with a vintage edition of Dolly magazine... My golly, there's a lot of things in here!

Life in the Whale needs some help to buy those things. A whole "mound of things" the script calls for! Commitment to the bit means we're going to follow this through, but all support is much appreciated for the following items and more:
- Raft
- Paddle
- Home dentistry kit
- Bicycle helmet
- "Large boxy mound"
- Harp and/or omnichord
- 1992 October issue of Dolly Magazine
- Sail
- Cha cha outfits
- "A half-open half-battered half-empty half-sized suitcase"
- Two glasses of champagne
- And all the other regular things inside of a whale.

Sometimes you just don't know what's beyond the baleen, eh?

2018 is the Year of the Whale in Wellington, Aotearoa! Let's send this one out with a splash.


"[Fenn] is exactly what I love about Fringe and has embodied it again this year: off-beat, new and exciting." - Laura Ferguson, Art Murmurs

Starring Isadora Lao, Niamh O'Keeffe, Aidan Weekes, Liam Kelly & Catriona Tipene.

Set Design by Jennifer O'Sullivan. Sound Design by Oliver Devlin.

Production Manager - Austin Harrison. Publicist - Eleanor Strathern.


The creative team inside the whale are leagues above the rest:

* Best Sound Designer - Oliver Devlin (Wellington Theatre Awards, 2016)

* Spirit of the Fringe - George Fenn (NZ Fringe, 2017)

* Risk-taker of the Year - George Fenn (PlayShop, 2014/15/16/17)

* Most Promising Emerging Artist - Liam Kelly (NZ Fringe, 2017)

* Most Promising Emerging Artist - Eleanor Strathern (NZ Fringe, 2018)

* Most Unique, Spirit of the Carnival, Most Outstanding Performer - George Fenn (Comedy Carnival, 2018)

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