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Hi, we're a Writer-Producer team;  Bridget Ellis-Pegler and Ronel Schodt.  We're developing a large project for 8-12 year old girls, called 'Sylvie & Arabella'. It includes a TV series, books, a film, and a large scale computer game.  'Sylvie & Arabella' is a story of friendship between two ten-year-old girls, one of whom comes from another planet, where flying and magic are commonplace…

This story has two very strong girls as main characters, and this really resonates with people. As the mothers of daughters ourselves, we think that's awesome!

In 2015, I (Bridget), developed the concept for a 'Sylvie & Arabella' game called AMBIGUOUS. It is an unusual mix of real-life play, amazing technology (e.g. augmented reality) and exciting computer game adventure. With this concept, I've earned a scholarship to attend a week-long conference in San Francisco, at the penultimate event for game developers, GDC 2016. (Game Developers Conference). This is a golden opportunity to learn from the most influential people in the industry. It is also an incredible chance to pitch AMBIGUOUS to possible investors, and to showcase New Zealand as an outstanding place to create quality entertainment for children.

My scholarship covers the conference BUT not the travel costs, or the cost of Ronel's attendance. This is where your donation can make you a part of this adventure.

Ronel is a vital part of this project. Her knowledge of the technical, legal and financial elements of the film and TV and gaming industries is indispensable during this conference, and in the all-important follow up phase. Our goal is to raise the money for us both to attend the conference, and maximise this wonderful opportunity. The $6500 we're asking for will get us both there, and that's huge.

Our talented and dedicated team has worked very hard on 'Sylvie & Arabella' for a long time, and gained a lot of traction.  We've already travelled twice to Singapore and once to New York with it, and have strong interest in co-production partnerships with Singaporean and Australian producers as a result.  Now, we're developing the next platform of the project. We've put so much of ourselves personally and financially into this project already, and moved mountains, and now we really need help with this. Your donation, large or small would mean the world to us. 

It's easy and secure to donate, and you can do so anonymously if you like. Please click DONATE and help us. If you can't spare a donation, maybe you could help us by sharing our campaign? It all really makes a difference!

Thank you so, so much.

Bridget and Ronel

For more information about the wider 'Sylvie & Arabella' project,


  • More big steps forwards for our project for your girls!


    A very happy 2018 to you all!

    So much has happened since we were in touch with you last, so we thought we’d send you an update because we’ve made really exciting progress.

    We’re very happy to tell you we are currently in the very final stages of completing our first video game, ‘Zingoshi’ and also, our first book, ‘Dragonfly’, and preparing these for launch! (Zingoshi was previously called ‘Ambiguous’, and this is the game we did our crowdfunding campaign for here on Boosted). Thank you again for your amazing support. We’ve never forgotten it.

    Both the game and the book contain augmented reality elements. We are rapt to be coming to market with one of very few, (if any!), quality games for girls with augmented reality in existence.

    Our new website is and you can see an early teaser for our game here:

    ‘Dragonfly’ is now in print and the app for the augmented reality elements will be approved in the coming weeks. After that, we will be able to sell it. So that’s fantastic.

    All of this was made possible by investment from a small group of fabulou, like-minded NZ businesspeople, and, grants from a government body, Callaghan Innovation, awarded for R&D on especially innovative projects. After 7 years of battling on to get this project going, words can’t even express what a thrill this is for us!

    Ronel and I will be attending Kidscreen next month where we are predominantly focusing on obtaining meetings with delegates from transmedia-oriented companies, (Kidscreen is still mainly TV-oriented) but also getting some meetings with specialist game publishers and book publishers.

    And then other than that of course, our ongoing focus is to secure investment for the next stage of development.

    So, that’s our news and we hope you’ve enjoyed seeing where we’ve got to. If you’d like to receive newsletters from us, please sign up on our website. Also, if you or any kids you know would like to be part of a special group of early testers for the game, let us know on or by signing up for the newsletter. You can also follow us on Facebook at and for our other social media, see the website for icons.

    Thanks so much for your time and warmest regards,

    Bridget and Ronel

    More big steps forwards for our project for your girls!
  • What a conference!


    Ronel and I came home on Tuesday from San Francisco this week after an incredible week at the GDC conference. Every single split second was amazing. We attended talks, had meetings, took part in workshops, networked our little hearts out, learned about what other companies in the industry are doing, and discovered dozens of new exciting products and services in the gaming world. We learned so much, and we met so many great people, it's going to take a few weeks to absorb it all! It was pretty mind-boggling. I had a go at the brand new, (VERY REALISTIC, CAN I JUST SAY IN MY DEFENCE!) – Virtual Reality experience, ‘Walk the Line’. Basically you feel like you are walking a tightrope between the Twin Towers, with no harness or safety net…I knew I was not really up a skyscraper. I knew there was just carpet under my feet. I knew it was all make believe.

    Ha. Couldn’t even get off the ledge! I was literally telling myself ‘Walk, feet! Go! It’s just an illusion.” But no go. I trembled, sweated, tried again, couldn’t do it. Epic fail! Hilarious.

    Thank you all again for making it happen for us - we could have never done it without your help. We believe that the Sylvie & Arabella project, and AMBIGUOUS in particular, is going to move on in a very major way as a result of our going to GDC. I know I am being a bit obtuse here, and I’m sorry about that, but I promise I will tell all, as soon as I can. Meanwhile I just want to say that we are very (very) excited with developments and will be posting more in due course.

  • Off to San Fran!


    Very dear donors,

    In just over 2 days, Ronel and I are off to San Francisco to the Game Developers Conference. (SO exciting!)

    Because of your incredible generosity, we raised the money for the trip, and that was outstanding! But that's not all, we also raised enough to allow for some development to be done on the game itself; (the creation of our Sylvie character in 3D, and a demonstration of her sprouting wings and flying, in an augmented reality demo). The guys at Carbon Imagineering have done an exceptional job and we LOVE our groovy little Sylvie. We are really looking forward to being able to show this to you, on our return from GDC.

    This is a monumental step forwards for the project.

    Thank you all again for helping us with your donations, advice, contacts, offers of help and all the wonderful words of support and encouragement. You’ve been amazing.

    Bridget and Ronel

  • Thank you and goodbye for now


    To our donors,

    Thanks to you, we raised a staggering $8,440 with this campaign. That's 129% of our target! Needless to say, Ronel and I are ecstatic. What an amazing display of support for us and our project, and what a huge day for our whole Sylvie & Arabella team. This money is going to help us tremendously.  

    Thank you so much.

    Thanks to this campaign;

    - Ronel and I are can both attend the all-important GDC conference

    - development work has begun on the art and game engineering side of our pitch materials to show to potential investors

    - we're getting amazing offers of ongoing support for the project from a wide range of people and organisations

    - and last but not least, we've had great feedback from many of you, about your reasons for donating to this project - specifically, why you agree in the need for quality entertainment for young girls. 

    This will be the last time I contact you through this project page on Boosted, so if you'd like to hear future project updates, please check on our website,, or email me and I'll be happy to reply. 

    Thank you, heart and soul, from all of us on the Sylvie & Arabella team. We are in awe of your incredible generosity.

    Bridget and Ronel


  • The final countdown!


    Dear, generous donors,

    As I write, with 35 hours still to go, we're at a staggering 125% of our target! YOU did this for us. I particularly want to mention those of you who are completely anonymous, as I can't email you personally to thank you. Ronel and I want you to know that we are absolutely amazed and delighted by your help. Thank you all very, very much.

    My Sylvie & Arabella team and I have been big believers in the need for quality content for pre-teen girls for a long time. That's why we started this project in the first place, and why we continue to believe in it.

    This campaign is giving us concrete proof that this belief in grounded in reality, i.e. that there is a real market for what we are doing. All sorts of people who care about girls in our target marekt are contacting us to offer support - now, and in the future. They're saying they agree there's a huge need for such content, and that they can't wait to purchase what we create, when it's finished. This is really wonderful, and grist to our mill...

    Our clever development team have begun on the artwork to take to San Franscisco, as you can see in the picture. This tantalising morsel is a section of one of Sylvie's wings...can't wait to see the rest!

    Happy Thursday, everyone, and if you can please keep sharing this project anywhere you can, it would be wonderful.

    Thank you so much, from us both.

    Bridget and Ronel



    The final countdown!
  • 4 Days To Go, Spirits High


    Ronel and I were intereviewed for the local paper the Central Leadere this week about this project. You can read it online here at

    What an incredible experience this has been. We are really staggered by everyone's generosity and support; it's phenomenal. 

     Thank you so much to everyone who has helped us so far. 

    Only 4 days left now. Let's make every one count!

  • A simple thank you


    With one week today until the end of this campaign, we just want to say thank you to you; our wonderful, generous donors. We're currently sitting on 111% of our target! And it is all thanks to you. Thank you so much for supporting us. Because of you, we're further down the track than we ever imagined we'd be at this stage. And, it's certainly not over yet! Every day, something new and good is happening with the project. It's an amazing experience.

    Have a lovely weekend,all.

    xx Bridget and Ronel.

    A simple thank you
  • 120%? 150%? 200%?


    We are very lucky to have the wonderful team at Carbon Imagineering supporting us. ( ). Thanks to the success of this campaign so far, we can now commission them to begin work on some captivating visuals.


    · 3D Sylvie character model.
    · Idle and floating animation.
    · Wings model - idle & flapping animations.
    · Scan a character card, placed on a surface (table). Sylvie appears on top (magical effect).
    · Rotating the card will rotate the character.
    · Place the wings card on the table. A set of wings appears (magical effect). 
    · The wings 'fly' from this second card to Sylvie and attaches on her back. 
    · Sylvie will then float into the air (a few cm) with the floating animation. 



    · Press 'Play' button to take Sylvie into a scene
    · Fly her around the environment by pointing and clicking.

    Our guys at Carbon Imagineering have created this clip which demonstrates the style of augmented reality that our game AMBIGUOUS will feature. (Except, obviously, the character they create will not be a small hairy chap, but instead, our delightful Sylvie!)

    COOL eh?!

    Please share this project as widely as possible, and let's see how far above 100% we can go! 110% 120? 150%? Higher?

    Thank you so much. There's over a week still to go on the campaign, easily time to move mountains!!

    Bridget and Ronel

  • We’ve achieved so much, and now we can do even more!


    Ronel and I are tremendously encouraged to see how many people believe in the importance of creating quality entertainment for girls. We’ve reached our target only halfway through this campaign! That’s a fantastic vote of confidence in our project, and we are loving the feedback from people with young girls in their lives, thanking us for what we are doing. We’re so grateful and proud. Thank you so very much to everyone who has supported us already.

    And talking about support – how’s this for hot news?

    The NZ Game Developers Association has just told us they would like to offer Ronel the same scholarship as mine, namely, an all-access pass to the GDC conference. So generous! This is outstanding news. It means that now we can focus the next stage of our campaign on raising funds to advance the project even more than we dreamed possible at this stage.

    So, where to from here?
    Artist Matt Forsyth has created 3 wonderful character drawings for Sylvie, Arabella, and Warren, but now we would love to commission him to create some more of our characters, and locations from Arabella’s extraordinary planet (Zingoshi), in order for us to illustrate the story world for potential investors, and also so that our game developers can begin creating a working prototype.

    If we can’t raise enough to commission Matt to work his magic, I’ll be forced to inflict my own feeble attempts at illustration on to the world (dressed up dolls / abysmal sketches, etc).
    And believe me, that would not be a good thing, as you can plainly see!

    Please continue to share this project as widely as you can, with anyone you think might be interested. Every dollar we raise now can go directly into development, and that is SENSATIONAL.

    We’ve achieved so much, and now we can do even more!
  • Jubilation!


    We did it! Last night we reached our target, and we are over the moon. Thank you SOOOOOOOOOO much to everyone who helped by talking about this, sharing it on social media, and above all, by donating. YOU ARE AMAZING. We are staggered by the response and can't believe we achieved this so quickly.

    But this is not over! We've done so much, and now we need your help to go even further. From here on, every dollar past our target can now go towards development. We have conceptural artists and game developers on standby to create visual assets for us to take to the gaming conference, if we can raise enough money. That would be tremendous - a huge step forward for this project. So pleae, continue to spread the word to anyone you know who might be interested - parents, teachers, people in the film and TV industry, children's advocates, and so on. Thank you so, so much. Bridget and Ronel and our team.

    For anyone interested in the motivation behind this, check out the blog I wrote that was published on Kiwi Families yesterday.

  • Already at 98%!!


    Ronel can put away her hitch-hiking sign, and it's all thanks to your outstanding generosity and support. We've virtually met our target already, and we're still only halfway through the campaign. This is beyond our wildest hopes.

    Now we need your help to maximise this glorious momentum!

    Our goal from here is to EXCEED our target by as much as we possibly can, so we can start on the next stage of development. E.g. more character drawings, 3D characters, and environments. 

    Every $5 makes a difference.

    Our artist Matt Forsyth has already created some wonderful illustrations (see Warren, pictured) and Sylvie and Arabella at the top of our project page (scroll sideways to see Arabella). 

    Now, we are dying to see what he does with Queen Elspeth, eccentric Aunty Kate, and the other characters and settings from Planet Zingoshi. And what's Nest going to look like, (the fabulous treetop café where zingerals hang out), or Obscura, (Sara and Elspeth's intriguing secret cave)?

    A picture paints a thousand words, after all!

    Already at 98%!!
  • Off to a rampaging start, thanks to you!


    What an incredible start to our campaign! Wow. Thank you so much to all the wonderful people who have already donated to the project, and/or passed on helpful contacts and advice. We're so grateful.

    We expected this process to be interesting, and it sure is! It's really fascinating watching who responds, how they respond, who shares on social media, and how much we've already raised.

    And it's a huge buzz, getting the ping of an  email telling us that someone has just donated, seeing the boost in profile views on LinkedIn etc, and texting and calling each other to pass on exciting developments.

    Being fairly private (and proud!) people, we knew it would be challenging for us both to make a film featuring ourselves asking for money. We also knew it could be hard to contact everyone we knew might be willing to help us, and actually do the asking. We weren't wrong about that. It's NOT that easy.

    But your amazing response so far is exactly what we needed and we are very fired up to keep going.

    Thank you SO much.
    xxx Bridget and Ronel

    Off to a rampaging start, thanks to you!