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Legacy Project needs your help!

Legacy Project is now in its sixth year and is in jeopardy of not continuing. We need your help to make this year a huge success. Due to not receiving some critical funding we are now in a position that we need your support to keep LEGACY SIX alive.

LEGACY SIX brings together six diverse and thought-provoking tales of love and family, of identity and dating, of connection and dance that showcase the up-and-coming voices within our wonderful queer community.


Legacy Project is a non-for-profit theatre development programme created to support and develop emerging theatre creators within our LGBTQI community by giving them the resources, network and space to share their voice and stories through short theatrical works on stage. Participation in the project is open to all. Anyone who wishes to write, direct or perform is encouraged to get involved. The show itself is staged at Q Theatre during Auckland Pride in February every year.

Legacy Project has been sharing our local queer stories with heart on stage since 2014. Each year Legacy Project carefully curates and develops six scripts from our open call submissions to create a collection of unique stories that speaks to the personal experiences from all corners of our queer community.

Check out for more details on the work we have been creating and sharing.


We need your help in order to raise the $3000 needed to finish bringing LEGACY SIX to stage. We have always kept our tickets at the low price of $20 so these stories are accessible to everyone. We rely on funding so we can continue providing queer theatre development in the future.

Unfortunately we didn't receive some critical funding so our plan B is we need your help so we can fund our development costs for LEGACY SIX which include: venue hire, workshop space and our production team (which includes our script advisors plus technical crew).

You can help us achieve our funding target in two easy steps...
Step one: donate to our campaign. Any donation, big or small, makes a huge difference in reaching our goal. And step two: support us further by sharing our campaign out to your networks.

Boosted is an all or nothing crowdfunding platform, which means that if we don't reach our target, we receive nothing. It only takes 60 people each contributing $50 to reach our target so please support us so we can continue in sharing our vital queer stories on stage.

Legacy Project is led by founder and artistic director Bruce Brown, who is supported by producer Katie Fullard. Our script advisors this year are Chye-Ling Huang, Nathan Joe & Rachael Longshaw-Park.

Our LEGACY SIX writers include: Ashleigh Ogden, Daniel Ly, Joshua Iosefo, Kieran Craft, Phillip Good & Todd Waters. Working hard to bring these stories to stage are our 2019 directors: Catherine Yates, Dan Goodwin, Joanna Craig, Lucy Noonan, Patrick Graham & Will Moffatt. Our production crew supporting us are Ariana Shipman, Michael Clark and Seren Powell-Jones.


  • LEGACY SIX is now open!

    7 DAYS AGO

    We've been busy busy busy working behind the scenes to bring LEGACY SIX to the stage and we couldn't be prouder of the show all our performers, directors and writers have created together.

    TICKETS are available from:

    Thanks to everyone who has donated so far and helped us reach 39%. We still have some ways to go so please help support us by sharing with your friends and grab tickets for LEGACY SIX.

    Love you all xxx


    LEGACY SIX is now open!

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