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Left Alone is a coming of age web series that takes place over six 20 minute episodes about a difficult relationship between a mother and her son trying to survive in a societal collapse. A fairytale-esque story about parental influence and expectations set on you by people of authority

What are we making?

Left Alone is our final year project for Massey University Creative Media production, we are producing the pilot episode as a proof of concept to hopefully allow us to create the rest of the series. We have just finished filming the pilot episode and we are now moving into post-production. 

The Story

The story follows Thomas a reserved 15-year-old boy who has been sheltered from the outside world nearly his entire life, all he knows about the world is what his mother has told him. He has always wanted to know more about what has happened to the world but his mother tells him stories of hideous monsters that lurk in the forest. However one day he finds an elusive girl stealing their food which causes Thomas to question everything his Mother has told him. In turn making it harder for the mother to control Thomas, drawing more attention towards them and making it harder to survive, forcing the mother to make a difficult decision between her own survival and her sons.

What is it about?

Left Alone is a gripping tale story of one boys struggle to understand his place in this world and his attempts to escape the different expectations set on him by different people of authority. The story explores ideas about parental influence and the idea, are you a product of your environment or is your 'self' pre-defined? 

How can YOU help?

We need your support to help us finish telling the pilot's story. Our goal is $3600 and your money will be going towards helping us smoothly transition into post-production, furthering our project and future distribution. Any donation counts, even the smallest of donations are hugely impactful and very much appreciated since boosted is an all or nothing crowdfunding platform, which means that if we don't reach our target, the donations are returned to the donors.

We had an amazing time filming the pilot episode with an amazing team and we want your support to bring our vision to life. By supporting this project you are supporting a creative team of upcoming filmmakers who want to create a beautiful and intimate series that we can all be proud of.

From the Left Alone team Thank You for your support