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Okareka Dance Company is going to the Assembly Theatre to present 'K'rd Strip - A Place to Stand' at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe.


With the support of amazing friends, organisations and audiences, someway, somehow, we have managed to find almost all of the funds we need to get Tai and Taane's work to the Edinburgh Fringe. We are deeply grateful to all those who have shown their love for us by giving, pledging or buying tickets. We will be taking you all with us on this trip in our hearts.


We launched a Boosted campaign with an ambitious target and didn't make it. In the meantime we had amazing and unexpected success at the box office and have just about all the funds we need.


However, we are still $5,000 short towards costs such as accommodation and travel.


83 wonderful people supported our recent campaign on Boosted. You are all welcome to re-join us here along with anyone who would like to be part of our adventure.


We are proud to be presenting New Zealand work to the world and excited by the opportunity to present our work at one of the biggest international buyers' market places in the world. We look forward to sharing our adventures with you and thank you again, for your support.