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I have been selected to be part of the Indigenous Visual + Digital Arts Residency at the world-famous Banff Centre for Arts and Creativity. During this five-week residency, I will be working on an interactive installation that explores how land, spirit, and culture are held within the body.

I want the audience to be able to interact with the installation through the integration of a Kinect sensor. Banff's technical experts will train me on how to seamlessly integrate this technology with my other production technology.

Afterwards I will continue to develop this work and premier it in Wellington in mid- 2017.
In the almost-decade since Miki and I landed on the shores of Aotearoa, we have been working hard to grow our arts production company, With Lime. We've been creating installations, performances and projections that explore the interface between cultures. We work with our bodies, we work with technology and we work with space.

We have a vision of creating interactive installations and performances. I now have an incredible opportunity to learn how to make our vision come to fruition and to do it on an international stage with other artists.

I see this as a chance to not only gain exposure for myself and With Lime, but to share with other artists what is being produced here in Aotearoa. I'm looking forward to being able to return to Wellington and share my new knowledge and expertise with the other artists.

Banff has awarded me an almost full scholarship for my fees and accommodation. Miki and I can cover the remaining fees and some of the airfare. However we still need $3,500 to pay for the remainder of the airfare and to buy the camera and laptop that this work requires. (Our current equipment is too old to do this type of work.)

You will be able to share in my Banff experience on our With Lime Facebook page where I will be posting regular updates.

We would like to thank all of you who donate and share this campaign with others.

Many thanks. Muchas gracias. Kia ora rawa atu.

PS - All donations to Boosted are in NZ dollars. The donation is taken from the credit card at the time of the transaction. When the project is successful the donation is receipted. If the project is unsuccessful, the donation is returned to the credit card in NZ dollars again. There may be some difference due to currency fluctuation, but there is no extra charge from Boosted to the card for donating in a currency other than NZ dollars.


  • Oooops!


    Lol Sorry for typo.  A group of Mexican activists PUT the coffins up and we did the performance. and Mexican side of the Border. 

  • 5 Days left. The End is Near.


    Here's an image from a performance we did at the US/Mexico border. We really like doing site specific works. This one was on the Mexico side of the border. A group of activists but the coffins up and we did the performance.

    Thanks to everyone who has donated already! We are down to the last 5 days of our campaign. All of you who have said that you are waiting till the end. Well the end is near  . Once again thanks for all your support.

    5 Days left. The End is Near.
  • 15 days to go!


    15 days to go! we are at 42%! Thank you to everyone that's donated to our campaign. We still have a ways to go. To give you an example of the variety of work we do, here's a short video of a piece we did at the New Zealand Film Archive

  • The right video link




  • A little bit more about Willie


    Wonder what the life of an interactive installation artist is like? Here's a short video of Willie shooting on location.


    Stay tuned for more videos showing other aspects of our work.