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BackLit Productions and Flux Productions have banded together to create a new double bill of dance theatre.

Combining the experience and success of BackLit Productions with the fresh perspective of Flux Productions KEEP / SELF will be presented at The Body Festival in Christchurch and in an independent season at the Musgrove Studio in Auckland.

The Project:

A brand new Double Bill of dance theatre by BackLit Productions and newcomer Flux Productions. This evening of work encompasses compelling dance and stunning imagery, giving rise to themes that will stir and seduce you for sure.

From a playful, light hearted survey of self presentation in a world obsessed with being PC, fitting in and exuding their "correct" attributes, to a place between the layers of time where instinctual beings conduct the space in captivating imagery, and explore the relationship society holds with each other and our landscape.

We are collaborating with some amazing artists, costume designers, photographers and graphic designers to produce a stunning dance show with huge production values.

Our collaborators:

Alex Bartleet on set design, Hanna Randall on costume design, Ambrose Hill- Simmonson on lighting design, Priscilla Northe on photography, Xanthe Harrison on graphic design. WHAT a stellar team!!!

How can you help?

We have been lucky enough to be supported by Arts Alive for the Auckland season but we still need a wee bit of help for our rehearsals and to get on down to Christchurch and produce a show we know will be great!

Any donation will help us on our way but here are some ideas of what you could be helping towards:

$10 pays for an hour of rehearsal space

$15 pays for one hour of a dancers wage

$40 pays for one dancers costume

$70 hires us a mini van for a day in Christchurch to lug our stuff around

$100 will pay our lighting technician's wages for one day

P.s. did you know you can claim your tax back on your donation?! Boosted is a registered charitable organisation!

Thank YOU for helping make this happen! 

Who are BackLit and Flux?

BackLit Productions are a group of Unitec dance graduates from 2006. They have been creating work collaboratively and making their mark on the New Zealand dance scene for 7 years now. Flux Productions is a newly developed company by Serene Lorimer. Flux not only presents dance but also creates installation and performance art and can commonly be seen at events like the Performance Arcade in Wellington or Art in the Dark in Auckland.

What do we do?

Both companies aim to create work that is relevant in the here and now. We make dance theatre, which combines stunning imagery with current social themes. We like to push boundaries, delight viewers and leave the audience with something to take away and ponder.

Come and see our show!

Follow us on Facebook and find out when and where to get your tickets and come and watch the show that you helped make happen!





    One last message to say THANK YOU to everone who helped us make our target! 105% woohooo! We appreciate your help and support SO much and promise to put your dollars to good use! We can now book our flights to get to Christchurch for the show!!! and so much more!

    Please keep following us on Facebook and watch the progress of the show you helped make happen!!!

    We open in Christchurch at The Body Festival on October 1st-3rd 8pm at the NASDA Studio. Tickets available at Dash Tickets

    And our Auckland season is November 19th-21st at the Musgrove Studio, Maidment Theatre. Tickets will be on sale September 16th here.

    Thank you all!!! Kick back tonight and treat yourself for being an awesome donor to the arts!!!

    Our very dearest Thanks!

    BackLit Productions (Annabel Harrison, Georgie Goater, Shannon Mutu, Tracey Purcell, Kate Bartlett, Julie Van Renen, Serene Lorimer, Janine Parkes, Lucy Miles, Collette Arnold, Ambrose Hills-Simonsen), Flux Productions (Serene Lorimer, Annabel Harrison, Shannon Mutu, Samantha Wood-Rawnsley, Lydia Zanetti) and our collaborators, Alex Bartleet, Hanna Randall, Pricilla Northe Xanthe Harrison.



    We are in the final moments... It is the final day of our campaign! and we still have 19% to go!

    We are so thankful to those who have already donated!! But we really need to make it to that 100% mark to make it all worth it! 

    So please pass this around to everyone you know who you think would get a kick out of helping people do what they love. And ask if they would like to donate to.

    We are so nervous/excited!!!

    See you at the 100% line!!!!!


  • Up 10% in one day!


    We have made it to 80%! Yeeehaaa! Thank you to all our newest donors for your contributions! And of course thank you to everyone for your on going support!

    It is only 5 weeks tonight until our first show in Christchurch so we are getting very excited! 

    We had another reherasal today for KEEP (BackLit Productions). Here are some photos of what we were getting up to.

    We have just 2.5 more days to make our final 20% so please pass this on to any other generous souls you think would be keen to help out!


    Up 10% in one day!
  • Pressures ON!


    WOW 38 awesome people have already helped us get this show up and going! Thank you sooo much generous people! We are rehearsing hard and today BackLit had a showing for KEEP. SO many people turned up and offered us great feedback! Thank you!

    We now have just 5 days to make the final 40% of our target! We think we can do it but please help us out by passing this on to any one you think would be willing to help us get to our final target and make this show happen!

    Pass it on!


    Thank you!!!

    some photos frrom SELF rehearsals for your viewing enjoyment :)

    Pressures ON!
  • Sneak Peek



    Thank you so so much for all of the contributions so far!

    Here is a sneak peek of what has been happening in rehearsal recently. 

    Share with your friends! Only 9 days to go!

  • Half Way Day


    Hello wonderful supporters!

    Thank you for all your generous support so far! We really are so thankful for the help everyone is offering!

    Today is day 15 of our 30 day campaign and we are currently sitting at 47% wowzer!

    We have a goal to make it to 50% by the end of the night, then we will be at half way on half way day!

    Please share this around to your networks who you think would be keen to support KEEP / SELF too and help us reach 50% by nighfall!


    Thank you!!! 

    Half Way Day
  • BackLit's set is taking shape!


    Thank you so much for the support so far, it is very humbling to have people believe in our work! 

    BackLit had a meeting with the set designer Alex Bartleet and Jas from Event Base for KEEP today. So exciting to see it take form! The set will be an adaption from Alex Bartleet and Wawa Wang's Breathing Earth installation for Art in The Dark 2012, that you can view here!

    We feel very privileged to be collaborating with such talents as Alex!

    Please pass this on to your networks who would like to help us by donating to Boosted, we are nearing the halfway mark now and need their help to get to the final number!!

  • The Body Festival Programme announcement


    Last night The Body Festival launched the 2013 festival programme which includes KEEP / SELF. This means tickets are now on sale for our Christchurch season, October 1st-3rd at 8pm!! So now that you have seen what an awesome show this will be, spread the word to friends and family you have in Christchurch so they can expereince this amazing Double Bill of Dance Theatre!

    Tickets can be booked online at Dash tickets via this link

  • A taster treat of whats to come...


    Hello Boosted Supporters!

    Wow were are only 6 days in and already at 21%!!!! Thank you so much to those amazing people who have helped us get this far already! 

    We thought we would treat you with the chance to get a glimpse at the first stage of creation with Flux Production's SELF. Tomorrow Wednesday 7th August at 11.15am Flux are having a showing of the work they have so far and we would LOVE it if you came to check it out! Bring yourself, your friend, your neighbour!

    It will be at 40 Ethel Street, Morningside, the Touch Compass Studios if you are familiar. We will show approx. 15 minutes of fresh off the choreographic process work and then we would love it if you stayed and shared your thoughts and opinions in a casual chat afterwards.

    Then you can come on home and share with others how excited you are about what is coming up by sharing this page!

    We look forward to seeing you tomorrow and leave you with this great pic from rehearsal!

    A taster treat of whats to come...

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