Torum Heng

KEEP OUT OF MY BOX (and other useful advice)

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From performing in a hot water cupboard to top Edinburgh stage in just 1 year! This show is on the fast track for success, be a part of getting it there.

Herstory... From humble beginnings, KEEP OUT OF MY BOX (and other useful advice) debuted in the 2015 Auckland Fringe Festival as a free/koha perfomance in the Basement Theatre Box Office. Yep, it used to just be a hot water cupboard, and yes, it's lovely in winter. The show quickly became a festival favourite, winning BEST COMEDY, it was then invited to present a pop-up season in the 2015 NZ International Comedy Festival, then a fully ticketed season at Q Theatre for the 2016 NZ International Comedy Festival. 

And now, Torum has been invited to perform at the prestigious Gilded Balloon for a month long season at this year's Edinburgh Festival Fringe in August! That's 26 shows in 27 days!!! Gilded Balloon is the top comedy venue of the Festival and notably launched the careers of local heroes The Flight of The Conchords, The Wellington International Ukelele Orchestra and Rhys Darby, as well as international stars including Dylan Moran, Jimmy Carr, Sarah Millican and Tim Minchin. So it's pretty overwhelmingly awesome that they have invited Torum to perform there, she is over the moon!

So what on earth is KEEP OUT OF MY BOX?

It's a comedy show. But not your typical comedy show.

This is a one woman, multi-character mini-musical that is all about female empowerment. Drawing on society's habits to "sl**-shame", the show is guised a s help-group for "promiscous" women. Through adorkable orginal songs and loveable characters this show promotes respect between women as well as pride in owning your sexuality.

This show has a big heart, an important message and is wildly silly and entertaining.

How can you help?

Thanks to generous contributions from t Leaf T and Gingerella from All Good Organics, initial registration and set construction costs have already been covered. But we need your help towards flights, accommodation for a month in Edinburgh, freight, technical hire and marketing costs to get this show on and seen by a potenially huge and international audience.

It's really very exciting! And we would be so grateful for your support, no donation is too small.

Thank you so much x



  • This is where I'll be performing in Edinburgh!


    This is the Gilded Balloon, my home and family for the month of August during the Fringe. That little turret up on the right, actually houses the theatre that I'll be performing in, The Turret.

    I first worked here as Front of House in 2013, and after being totally inspired my the performers and people that work in the building, I began my grand plan of taking my own show here. I can't believe it will be happening in a month today!! 

    Fun fact: this is also one of the buildings that inspired JK Rowling for Hogwarts in Harry Potter. And yep, I'm pretty convinced the staircases actually move at Gilded Balloon too. 

    This is where I'll be performing in Edinburgh!
  • Loose Canons article | Pantograph Punch


    Having a natter about all things creative and what inspired me to write KEEP OUT OF MY BOX. Thanks Rosabel Tan and the lovely team at Pantograph Punch xx

  • Royal Mail Delivery!!


    So delighted to recieve the official 2016 Edinburgh Festival Fringe programme and Joint Venues Brochure (the big 4 venues) in the mail! And my goofy face is in both of them!! It's all getting very exciting now!

    Royal Mail Delivery!!
  • Box Update: Not far off now xx