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Keep Our Space At The Arts Centre Free!

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THE COMMON ROOM is our incredible space at The Arts Centre in Christchurch.

Last year we received funding that allowed us to open the space to young theatre makers for free! We had over 50 up-and-coming artists use our space to develop new works and initiatives, we also ran a free mentorship programme, had an emerging theatre hui, housed workshops, holidays programmes, rehearsals, small showings, writers workshops - so many awesome things, with so many awesome people. The artists and audiences made it clear that this is something of value in the emerging theatre culture of Christchurch.

The grant that allowed that last year no longer exists. We are going through the process of becoming a charitable trust to be able to apply for funding, but while that is happening- we need help to cover our rent to keep it free for emerging artists! We have some hirers that pay and around half of our monthly rent is covered- but unfortunately we need help!

Your donations will go directly towards the rent of THE COMMON ROOM not personnel costs, please get alongside us in making Christchurch the theatre city of our dreams.

We believe Christchurch can be a centre for innovative and exciting theatre work- but this needs spaces like ours so artists have the time and resource to develop and test their work.


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