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After training, playing and writing for three decades, I am trying to realise my dream to record my own songs. I got a bit caught up in playing gigs and raising money for theatres and other arts projects after the 2011 Christchurch earthquakes, and the years have just ticked by. 

The last few years have thrown up some health issues which means I'm not in a position to self finance. So I'm going to try my hand at fundraising for my own project this time!

The target of 22K will cover my shortfall for recording, studio musican fees, mixing, mastering, manufacture and release costs.

I am very excited to have Ben Edwards on board to record my album in April 2019, and will follow this up with a tour September - November 2019. Music is the love of my life and I would be so excited if I was able to record my songs with a producer like Ben whom I have admired for years. If you are able to support the album I would be hugely grateful. There are loads of ways you can get involved which I will keep you updated with.

Below is the working title and a brief description of the sound I am aiming for.

'GALE FORCE IN EXPOSED PLACES' (working title) 9 - 10 tracks shaped by eclectic musical influences absorbed in a New Zealand context, and through travel, that reflects the layers we gather as the years tick by. This is not an album only reflecting the fashion of today. It is layers of time, sound and experience; about life, love and loss that recognises life gets less black and white as the years tick by, just as the way we sound is coloured by the music we have discovered along the way.

This is an album of me making some noise about stuff that matters, drawing on the music I have soaked up from my own journey, evoking the yearning vocal of Fado, rolling picking patterns from Spain and the steady heartbeat of the blues.

I've been working hard to set up some extra special gigs for you during my crowdfunding month of February 2019!

2 FEB - Lyttelton Arts Factory - BOOSTED Launch - Book at www.laf.co.nz

Songs from the Album - With special guests Lisa Tui, Andy Coyle, Missy G, prizes, auctions and more!

9 FEB - Civil & Naval - FREE

Songs from the Album - With special Guest Martin J. 

14 FEB - Lyttelton Records - KOHA

Songs from the Album - With special guest TBC


  • The Importance of the Jam!

    7 DAYS AGO

    Here is video of me jamming one of the songs I hope to record with two of my favourite musicians, Alex Kilday and Brendan O'Regan. It shows what is possible when you open your song writing up to collaboration. Part of your contribution will go towards paying studio musicians for the recording. So HUGE thank you!

    We are 44% of the way there! But, if we don't hit target I don't get a cent, so please like my facebook page if you have the time and share my pleas for help!


  • Song "I'll Ask The Stars"

    1 WEEK AGO

    Thank you again for your amazing support and contributions! Time to share a song. Shane Bolingford is an amazing drummer that lives near me on the Banks Peninsula, and gave me a full day of his time to see what a rythym section could add to a few of my songs. I hope this helps illustrate how collaboration is going to be a big part of this album. Ben Edwards is an amazing producer and I know that he too will have alot to contriute to the instrumetation and arrangement of my songs.

    Song "I'll Ask The Stars"
  • More Photos from Saturday's Launch!

    1 WEEK AGO

    Here is Lisa Tui performing on Saturday night! Mike Friend is a living legend when it comes to lighting and spent hours (more like days) resetting the lights at Lyttelton Arts Factory so they looked beautiful. Huge thank you againg to Lisa Tui, Gretchen (Missy G) and Andy Coyle and of course Darryl Cribb!

    More Photos from Saturday's Launch!
  • Up up and away!

    1 WEEK AGO

    Massive thank you to all of you that have jumped on board at the get go and contributed to my album. Hugely grateful! I'm just working out how to send you a personal thank you off this site. But in the meantime here is a group message full of AROHA NUI! We had a great night last night launching the campaign. Looking forward to more great gigs in FEB to share my songs with you all during this month of crowdfunding. Check out gig dates on Facebook - Kate Anastasiou -Music.

    Up up and away!