Kaleidoscope Performing Arts School

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Our top priority is to raise the last 10% of this year's lease payment. After a lot of hard work we only have $4,000 to go and your donation can make all the difference.

Kaleidoscope was founded on Waiheke Island in 1994 by Kathy Hollo, beginning with a handful of participants. Now there are over 130, ranging in age from 4 to 94, and we want to secure the roof over their heads. 

Kaleidoscope, as a group, enhances the wellbeing of the Waiheke community through the performing arts and fitness. Our purpose is to provide an environment  where students of all ages and abilities are able to experience all aspects of performance in a non-competitive, non-political, fun environment. We do this by exposing students to professional performers, highly skilled teachers and health professionals that encourage them to move outside their comfort zone.

We also want to help the general public by providing them affordable, family entertainment of a professional standard on a regular basis. 

No donation is too great or small, and every donation over $5 qualifies for a 33% tax credit. So please donate today, hit that big red button, and keep us in our Waiheke home. 



* Any funds we raise over and above our aim will be put towards our vision for 2016. We want to create a second space within the Shed, allowing us to branch out and offer more, diverse opportunities to the public and enabling us to become sustainable. The cost of this renovation is approximately $3750, in addition we desperately need at least 2 crash pads (approx $2200 each) and one acrobatic mat (approx $2300).



  • End of year show...audience reactions


    End of year show...audience reactions
  • Visit our Facebook Page....



    Visit our Facebook Page....
  • Just one of the many classes we offer



  • Saturday Community Market


    Fundraising, entertaining, teaching and raising awerness at our local Market....

    Saturday Community Market
  • This is one of our amazing acrobats flying through Waiheke Santa Parade.


    This is one of our amazing acrobats flying through Waiheke Santa Parade.
  • Together we grow...


    In 2010 dedicated mothers Tineka and Margarita joined Kathy and helped manifest her vision of a permanent residence for Kaleidoscope...this came to fruition in 2012 when the team took on the lease of the KPA shed on Tahi Road, after years of renting halls. Here at the Shed we are able to focus on teaching students to recognize their full potential by providing educational opportunities for each individual. We do this by exposing and introducing students to professional performers and highly skilled teachers, health professionals, workshops and classes that encourage and drive them to move outside their comfort zone. Our Team is committed, with high standards and ethics.

    Together we grow...
  • A word from our sponsors....


    "All the best with your fundraising and hope you guys keep going strong for long! You've made real positive change in the lives of many kids and young people."
    Vibeke Brethouwer

    "Let's keep Kaleidoscope on Waiheke - we love you and appreciate all you do for our children and community!!"
    Pia Mancia

    "Hope this helps"
    Kristof Kazmer

    "i can also offer you free printing of flyers to help out :-)"
    Nikki Heuberger

    "Come on Waiheke!! Kaleidoscope is for ALL of us, a little from a lot will go a long long way : )"
    Eleanor Harley

    "Thank you for the amazing work you do with our children."
    Alex Wilson