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A place of pride and ambition, Kahurangi School, a primary school in Strathmore Park Wellington, is committed to giving its students extraordinary experiences. One of the ways Kahurangi Friends supports the school is to help out with programmes the school and students would otherwise be unable to afford.

Outstanding professional musicians Rio Hemopo, of Trinty roots fame, and solo artist Estere Dalton are coming to our school to teach selected students how to use a digital instrument called an MPC. MPC's are used by many modern musicians and make it easy for the students to create anything from pop to drum and bass. Just having Rio and Estere in the school will be inspiring.

We are very grateful to Creative Communities, Wellington City Council and Creative New Zealand for providing a grant that covers the tuition for this pilot programme.

An MPC player costs over $1,000, but you can now buy an app for i pad for $10 that is just as good, don't you love modern technology? Check out the video on this page to learn all about it. The school has 18 new i pads, but we don't have the MPC apps.

We hope you can help by making a donation. We need $180 to buy 18 apps that we will have as a permenant resource in the school.

We'll post videos of the programme on our facebook page. So make a donation, like us, and follow the project. We are looking forward to sharing the results with you.



  • Kotahi at Kahurangi School


    Kia ora tatou,

    This Thursday, 6 Feb, we are holding a free concert at Kahurangi School's natural amphitheatre.  The students had such an amazing time with Rio Hunuki-Hemopo (and Estere) we decided we would like to share our enthusiasm with the whole community.  Rio is this year's Kotahi Musical Director and he has organised a fantastic line up including himself and friends (Justin Clark, Ed Zuccollo), Adam Page and Agitators (Ed Zuccollo, Nikita Tu-Bryant, Rick Cranson).  If successful, we hope this will become an annual event and eventually the kids will be able to perform their compositions on their i-pads alongside the professionals.

    We will also have a Waitangi Day display in the hall, and local mural artist Ellen Coup is designing a temporary mural for our dancefloor/netball courts.

    So please join us this Thursday as you helped us with the first step on this journey!  Concert starts from 4pm and runs until 7pm.  Bring a picnic, buy some treats.  Check out our Facebook page for updates, videos and music from the performers  ( Facebook: Kahurangi Friends)

    Thank you!!!!


    Kotahi at Kahurangi School
  • Teaching about notation...


    Teaching about notation...
  • Inspired kids #3


    Inspired kids #3
  • Inspired kids #2


    Inspired kids #2
  • Inspired kids #1


    Inspired kids #1
  • It's all go!


    It is hard to believe that today is the third and final workshop with Rio and Estere.  Well, let's just hope that it is the last workshop for this year and there are many more to come! 

    It's been going great guns.  The first day saw Rio and Estere perform to the whole school, what was supposed to be a a small performance of a song each became a full on dance party.  The kids started listening quietly sitting on the floor, then there were a few claps along with the songs, more clapping, and it finally they could no longer help themselves and they exploded - the kids (and teachers) all leapt to their feet and started dancing.

    The second lesson was a little more sedate.  The whiteboard was even used!  And at the end of the lesson several of the students had the opportunity to present to the other children some of the beats they had been working on.  Very impressive stuff.

    Looking forward to today.

    It's all go!


    We did it, a big thank you to all you who donated!  If you know anyone who would still like to donate, kei te pai, we can put any extra money raised towards purchasing some headphones.  Yahoo, I'm off to let the kids (and teachers) at school know...

  • Thank you Beautiful People


    To all the Beautiful People who have donated, 75% YAHOO!! Here is a video of our second tutor, Rio Hemopo, in a "little" band called TrinityRoots - you may have heard of them...



  • Estere


    Thanks for checking out our Boosted project! One night at the Wellington Jazz Festival we saw this incredible performance by Estere. She said "I usually play in my bedroom, it blows me away to have all you guys dancing to my music". We thought, she's cool, the students at our school will love her. We are so excited Estere is coming to our school, check her out for yourself and see why.