Sione Monu

Kahoa Kakala

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Hello my name Sione Monu and I am a visual artist. I will be having my first solo exhibition on 5 August at Otara Fresh Gallery and it is called Kahoa Kakala.

Kahoa Kakala builds on my experimental work with nimamea'a tuikakala, or the Tongan fine arts of flower designing using the form of kahoa or Tongan garlands.

Connecting place, people and the different environments in which I work, this exhibition brings my expanded family and aspects of the spiritual and ecological contexts of art-making in Tonga and Tāmaki Makaurau together into one room.

For public programs as part of this show I've invited contemporary Tongan fine artists for workshops in the practice of Ngatuwise tui Kakala and Kahoa Heilala, which will be led by artists Evesi Vao and Sulieti Fieme'a Burrows. 

Held in the space will be 16 large-scale photographs. I plan to print to the highest quality so as to hold the integrity of each portrait. I am very excited to share these works with you all and hope you can help me bring it to fruition.


sione monu