Kazu Nakagawa

Ka mua Ka muri for CHRISTCHURCH

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The project is to enable the gift of artwork/sculpture 'Ka mua Ka muri' to the people of Christchurch, following the 15th March 2019 event. 

The artwork 'Ka mua Ka muri' was exhibited at Sculpture on the Gulf 2019 on Waiheke Island, which coincided with the March 15 event.

We envisage the work going to Christchurch as a gift from the people of New Zealand and beyond, understanding that people are joined at the shoulder, standing together and leaning against each other. We are their pillar and they are ours. 

Our offer has already been accepted by the Christchurch City Council/Public Art Advisory Group and we are currently working together with the SCAPE for the work to be installed ahead of the annual SCAPE 2019 season/opening 4th October.

The purpose of crowdfunding is to reach as many people as possible who would like to share in the gift to Christchurch.

We are asking for support to make this happen, repaying production costs and transport expenses getting the sculpture to Christchurch.

Sculpture on the Gulf has already supported greatly by donating their commission, along with the Trish Clark Gallery, Kazu's artist's agent and also the Pacific Environments Architect who assisted the process of making the artwork who has donated their fee along with the artist. 

Further great support has been given for us to enable moving forward. 

For details, background stories and the context, please visit the project website: http://kamuakamuri.co.nz/index.html 

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