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Julie Goes To Hollywood

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I have been invited to appear in the Short & Sweet Festival Hollywood in September 2018, in my critically acclaimed role as Ester in "Slow Dating" written by Adam Szudrich and directed by Katie Burson.

This is a huge honour for a very personal and special piece of theatre to be seen on an international stage. The play is about an older woman overcoming guilt and loneliness in a search for love.

I am determined to go to Hollywood, supported by my husband Peter, who will stand in for Katie this time. In order to get there, accommodate myself and present the show I need a bit of assistance. Peter will pay for himself, and if I make the finals in October I may have to make a return trip - yikes the overdraft is looking very sick!!!

I am asking family, friends and colleagues, theatre lovers and those who care to support this amazing opportunity to take something small but unique from New Zealand to a huge international audience.


Held throughout the world, including New Zealand, it is a competition for 10-minute theatre and dance pieces. "Slow Dating" is produced and directed by Katie Burson and stars Julie Collis. This team won 5 awards at Short and Sweet New Zealand 2016 for "Slow Dating" including "Best Script" and the "Judges Choice for Best Production", "Best Director" and "Best Actress"

"Slow Dating both made me Laugh out Loud and broke my heart" - Showsnz


We were invited to take the monologue to The Tiny Theatre, Garnet Station, where we made up a program with 3 other 10 minute pieces and where we played to full houses.

I was then invited to take the part to Australia in 2017. "Slow Dating" was written by young and talented Australian, Adam Szudrich who was putting on a showcase of three of his pieces at the University of Sydney's Seymour Centre.

"Collis kept the audience on the edge of their seat through her spellbinding and hilarious journey. But it wasn't until she spoke the final line of the play that the house fell silent and we truly understood why she had acted on such an impulse. It left me and many of the audience members in tears. This play is a must see if you have half a chance." - Onmogul

"Heaps of laughter, perfectly paced and the forever memorable, quite delicious and delightful dialogue was expertly delivered. A crowd pleaser" - Sydney Arts Guide


This whole production has been self funded. In Auckland the costs were mainly time, but income so far has included a small prize, and some money from seats at the Tiny Theatre, Garnet Station. Katie and I self funded our trip to Sydney, ticket sales covered Adam's production costs only. To take this to Hollywood is a much more expensive proposition.

Why do I think this is worthwhile? Well, in today's society with the growing awareness of the issues of gender and age it is refreshing to find such a moving piece of theatre specifically written for an older woman.


A veteran Auckland actor both on stage; Calendar girls, Kings of the gym, The great piratical Rumbustification, The small screen: Jono & Ben, Shortland Street, Mercy Peak and the large screen: Baby? The Z-Nail Gang, Jake. Julie has worked as an actor for many years but is just as passionate and dedicated as ever.

Auckland actor, physical theatre maker and director. Energetic and talented, Katie works and tours constantly in New Zealand.

A "Bartie" award-winning writer whose work has featured in festivals throughout Australia, New Zealand, Asia, The UAE, Canada, America, and the UK. His plays have been selected for 32 festivals and have won 19 awards. A rising talent.

So from this "older" woman, thanks for your support!