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FREEing 'y Reserve' student tickets for 'Judge, Jury & Cookie Monster'

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y Reserve is a 'pay it forward' initiative, which will enable Burrowed Time to offer FREE tickets to students of performing arts institutions.

Our initiative is inspired by the Donmar Warehouse in the heart of London's West End, where they ask their patrons and supporters to pay full ticket price on behalf of a stranger, setting aside a ticket/s for their 'Young + Free' program.

We don't have a patron base, yet, but our debut production will begin as we intend to go on. For every $25 donated we will give a free ticket to a student of a local performing arts institution to 'Judge, Jury & Cookie Monster', an interactive biscuit-based comedy trial, presented as part of Auckland Fringe 2018 at Q Theatre Loft (27th February - 3rd March, 8:30PM).

If successful we'll be able to offer at least ONE HUNDRED FREE TICKETS to students. We think seeing theatre, and other artists work, is a vital part of finding who you are as an artist. What type of work you want to make. What your tastes are. What works and even what doesn't.

From a making perspective, your donations will go directly towards production costs, supporting our marketing campaign, and ensuring money can go into the pockets of our cast and crew.


You've been called for jury service... but don't worry, there'll be really nice biscuits!

Really serious Playmaker, John Burrows, turns the theatre into a really serious courtroom for a really serious trial, presided by a really serious judge. With very little risk for this biscuit, join us and determine, 'Who stole the cookie from the cookie jar?'

Mix one part Whodunnit, one part courtroom drama, together with a handful of agile actors. Spread over a comedy biscuit base and then turn it on it's head! Throw in a special guest for good measure and put into the theatre with an audience jury of about 120. This is the recipe for Judge, Jury & Cookie Monster, an interactive comedy trial where you set the verdict: Guilty or Not Guilty.

However the cookie crumbles it's bound to leave a great taste in your mouth!


You can sign up for these tickets by emailing us, burrowedtimenz@gmail.com, with the subject line: FREE y RESERVE. Tell us: your full name, preferred name, where you're studying, what your specialism is (acting, dance, production etc.), date of birth, contact number and your primary email address.

We'd love to see you there as well:

Judge, Jury & Cookie Monster

Q Theatre Loft, Auckland

27th February - 3rd March, 8:30PM






    Kia Ora Everyone,

    We're proud to fail and to fail well. Thank you to all of our incredible sponsors who gave generously to this campaign. Its humbling to think that we could have been giving away 33 tickets to performing arts students across our season. Unfortunately the 'all or nothing' nature of this platform means that at this stage we won't be able to do that. But Thank you. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

    However we do still want to ask you something: Are you still be prepared to give a ticket to a student of the performing arts?

    If your answer is still yes we'd still love to make it happen. For those of you who were happy to share your details with us we'll be reaching out shortly with the hope that 'y Reserve' tickets is something you believe in outside of the confines of Boosted! So please check your inbox and hopefully we can get to the bottom of that cookie jar together xx

    All the best,

    John Burrows - creative producer of Burrowed Time



    A massive THANK YOU to everyone who has already supported 'y Reserve' tickets, not only for the students who will be able to see the work but also on  behalf of the artists making the work as this campaign goes towards the profit share of our season.

    Lots of people iin the performing arts industry have connected with us, love and are excited by this initiative but as an 'all or nothing' platform we would love you to add your voice and advocacy!

    We need you to share this page and tell people why you supported us, help us connect with a wider cross section of theatre loving community.

    Rehearsals began this weekend and the rehearsal room is buzz, we're really looking forward to sharing this crazy, kooky, cookie comedy with 'y Reserve' students and the rest of Auckland.

    All the best xx

    John Burrows - creative producer of Burrowed Time

    Photo Credit: Lucie Everett-Brown

    Left-Right: Courtney Eggleton, Kirsty Bruce, Will Moffatt, Lucas Haugh and Sneha Shetty (facing away)