Jessica Pearless

Jonathan Organ + Jessica Pearless, Blind for Sculpture in the Gardens, 2015 - 2016

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Established in 2007, Sculpture in the Gardens aims to be accessible by bringing art and sculpture to everyone. The exhibition is free to the public with over 400,000 visitors enjoying the experience in previous years. Our work was selected as one of 20 sculptures in the tightly curated exhibition from a pool of over 70 applications from throughout New Zealand.

'Blind' is the largest scale sculpture undertaken by us to date at 3.6m cubic metres. The language of Abstraction in architecture and art informed the conceptual development of 'Blind'. Calling on traditional utilitarian structures made for observation, shelter and protection, the sculpture offers a homage to a refined vision. The viewer becomes aware of the environment, their position relative to the artwork and the landscape. The potential interaction between the viewer and the sculpture as an observation point of land, water, sky, wildlife, flora, fauna and the viewer is brought to the fore. The unique location of the Auckland Botanic Gardens informed the work, associations are made to observation huts or maimai shelters built in the landscape by man to camouflage when observing nature.

Working collaboratively for over a decade, we have participated in numerous reputable sculptural exhibitions throughout Australasia including headland Sculpture in the Gulf, Sculpture by the Sea, Bondi and NZ Sculpture on Shore.

We are committed to creating a significant work of art for Sculpture in the Gardens, to create a new experience for the viewer to enjoy and contemplate art and sculpture within the environment of the Auckland Botanic Gardens.

The undertaking of such a large scale sculpture requires a considerable amount of resource, in terms of materials, effort and energy.

Strict engineering requirements mean that the sculpture will be composed of a significant amount of architectural material. This includes extensive foundations, bracing, timber, support beams, fastenings in order to meet the high safety standards required for the public exhibition.

Your donation through Boosted will go directly into the acquisition of these materials contributing to not just the nuts and bolts but the overall makeup of a truly unique work of art.

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  • On View Now: 'Blind' 2015


    Greetings supporters,

    We are delighted to announce the exhibition of 'Blind' which is on view now at New Zealand's premier contemporary outdoor sculpture event for 2015 - 2016, Sculpture in the Gardens at Auckland Botanic Gardens, 102 Hill Road, Manurewa, Auckland, New Zealand.

    The exhibition is a free event which runs from 29 November 2015 - 6 March 2016.

    We will present two guided artist walks around the exhibition on Sunday 21 February 2016, 1pm and Sunday 6 March 2016, 10am.

    Thanks once again for your generous support of this significant sculpture, we do hope that you get the opportunity to experience the work in person.

    Warm regards for the festive season,

    Jessica & Jonathan

    On View Now: 'Blind' 2015
  • Donations are the Foundations


    To our supporters, 

    We made it!

    Thanks to you we have completed a successful Boosted campaign and 'Blind' is well on its way.

    The foundations of the work have been laid at the Auckland Botanic Gardens, ready for the sculpture's completion prior to the public launch on Sunday 29 November 2015. 

    Warm wishes, 

    Jonathan + Jessica


    Donations are the Foundations
  • Here we give thanks...


    To our supporters,

    We have been overwhelmed and humbled with the support the arts community have shown for our work thus far. If you have already viewed the project or made a contribution through Boosted, our sincere and deep thanks.

    Progress is full steam ahead on the sculpture with tonnes of wood being pre painted with our signature charcoal black. The facade of 'Blind' pays homage to one of our nations greatest artists, Colin McCahon, by referencing a key work from the Angels and Bed series of the 1970s. The image attached represents 'Bunker Vision:HI-FI', exhibited at headland Sculpture on the Gulf in 2013 - this sculptures facade drew on the compostion of a painting from the same series by McCahon. When you entered into the work and looked out, light poured through the cut out sections into the darkness, creating a three dimensional experience of the composition. 'Blind' will feature a similar experience...

    We look forward to sharing the completed work with you very soon.

    Jonathan + Jessica

    Here we give thanks...

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