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John Martin Album Mixing Project

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Kia ora, my name is John Martin. I am a Wellington based Drummer/Singer and now to my surprise multi instrumentalist.

I have been in many bands over the years such as The Brothers Gorgonzola, Emulsifier, The Deville Brothers and numerous pub/cover groups and have tried my hand at many different styles of music. After playing all these different styles two things have remained firmly embedded in my musical psyche. One is a love of strong pop melodies (my first musical love was the Beatles). Secondly after years of playing James Brown covers I love music that people can dance to.

So as the years have gone by I have broadened my musical palette by being first a Drummer and then a Singer. A singing Drummer. Then I felt the urge to write my own music and gravitated to the keyboard. I could barely string three chords together, had no idea how to write a song or record it but following the Punk ethos, I thought I'll just do it anyway.

I've even stretched to Bass and Guitar which I never thought I'd do. I'm no virtuoso but hey, KISS and it will work.
All the furniture from my lounge is gone and it's now my recording studio full of drums, keys, mic's and guitars and lots of leads to trip over.

Now I have finished recording my third album, learning more and more along the way about recording techniques and song craft on my continuing journey of musical discovery.
It's got pop, it's got funk, it's got electronica, it's got a mash up of all those styles of music I've played over all these years which are now coming out in my own eclectic style.

So this is where I'm asking for your assistance.

I've got these eleven songs together and I want to take them to the best studio in town to mix them and turn them into the pop classics they could potentially be!

The studio is The Surgery run by Lee Prebble who has worked with such bands as The Black Seeds,The Phoenix Foundation and Dave Dobbyn to name but a few. I will be putting all the funds that I have into this but I will need some help to pay for the studio time.

If you can help financially that would be amazing or even if you just pass this message on that would spread the word and be enormously helpful.

Many many thanks,

John Martin