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Jean Sergent Shakespeare's Globe International Actors' Fellowship

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Kia ora! I'm Jean Sergent. I'm an actor, writer, comedian, producer, musician, costumer, and nerdy nerdy sociologist. You might have seen me onstage with The Bacchanals in Wellington in shows like Richard III, Lysistrata, or Once We Built a Tower. Maybe you came to see Page Turners at The National Library during the Wellington 150th Birthday celebrations, or perhaps you saw me as Apemantus in this year's Summer Shakespeare production of Timon of Athens. 

This year I've been selected through SGCNZ to be part of the International Actors' Fellowship at Shakespeare's Globe in London. This three-week intensive programme for established international actors only runs every two years, so this is a real once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for me. I'm so excited to join the 23 other actors in the company, from countries like Germany, Italy, Canada, and Australia. We'll be working together toward a final performance at The Globe, as well as having some one-on-one time with incredible Globe staff like Giles Block, Glynn MacDonald and Martin McKelland.

Even though my cat tried to upstage me during my audition, I still managed to pull it off! Now I your need help pulling off my mammoth funding effort!

Dawn Sanders and Shakespeare Globe Centre New Zealand have managed to secure me a generous grant from Creative New Zealand - Thanks Dawn! Thanks SGCNZ! Thanks CNZ! I'm running fundraising shows, I had a surprisingly lucrative twitter garage sale, and I've had a handful of private donations already.

I'm asking you to help me raise $3500 on Boosted! This is a bare minimum type of a deal - anything I get over $3500 will go toward extra dance and singing tutelage from amazing London teachers.

I'm off on September 14th, so it's crunch time lovelies! Please dig deep if you can, but every little bit counts. Keep an eye out here for updates, selfies, and other silly little tidbits as I celebrate edging my way closer to my dream!


  • 7, 14, 21, AWAY!Thanks so much for your continued support, I couldn't do this without you


    That is to say: 7 til the end of this boosted campaign, 14 sleeps til I get on a plane, and 21 sleeps until I'm on stage at THE GLOBE!

    Thanks so much to everyone who has kept the campaign ticking over 100% - every little bit that is donated goes toward costs related to the fellowship, so the continued giving is just absolutely so special to me.

    Before the end of the campaign I'll announce a website where you can follow my adventures at Shakespeare's Globe.


  • Reality check from an overwhelmed artist


    Thank you all so much for your contributions. I'm humbled and flabbergasted!

    the reality of this project is that every penny counts. The full cost is about $20,000, and even with my boosted campaign at 100% I'm still roughly $4000 shy of what I need to make this incredible dream come true. 

    So what I'm saying is: please, if you can, throw some more change my way! Every bit means the literal world to me. I love you.

  • 100% in less than a fortnight?!?! I LOVE YOU


    100% in less than a fortnight?!?! I LOVE YOU
  • Accommodation: Sorted!


    Thanks to the miraculous Katie, I'm going to live a stone's throw from The Globe!

    I've worked out that my rent at my gorgeous London flat works out to be about $55 NZD per day - which is an absolute bargain compared to what we had originally budgeted.

    So if you want some kind of visual accompaniment to your donation, if you donate $55 you can imagine me sleeping like an angel in the comfort of an actual house with a view of The Shard!

    Thanks so much everyone for your donations *Mary Tyler Moore theme song* "She's gonna make it after all (doo-doo-doo-doo-DO!)"

    Accommodation: Sorted!
  • Milestone(d)!


    Hey mates! We made it past $2000! What a milestone!

    I've had a very important question relating to this fellowship, and that is: who will look after my cats while I am away?

    The good news is that I live with an excellent person, and art historian and total Hufflepuff called Michael. Martha and Rufus (the cats, for those not in the know) will be in his capable hands, and he will be at the mercy of their capable claws.


    Thanks everyone for your support so far. Don't forget to tell your mums!

  • Woah! You bloody legends!


    Less than two days since this went live, and I'm already at 42%!!!

    Thanks everyone for your support, I'm so humbled and grateful. Please keep plugging my campaign to your mums or flatmates. Every drop counts, and I'm so excited to be getting closer to my trip.

    We held a fundraiser on Friday night that made $845! The full cost of the project is around $20,000 so it's so exciting to see my books starting to balance!

    There'll be another fundraiser performance at the end of the month, so I'll keep you posted on that.

    On behalf of me and my cats - Thanks Loves!

    Woah! You bloody legends!