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This is my second time performing a solo comedy show, and it's my first time in the New Zealand International Comedy Festival doing a one-hour show by myself. It's essentially a very, very special look inside my very, very special brain. Expect to be delighted by culinary anthropological investigations, embellished true stories, heart-wrenching exorcism role play and stories of Hitler fetishism. It will be bizarre, macabre and innocent within the same minute, and it is stand-up comedy unlike anything you have seen before.

To get an insight into my work and my weird and wonderful eccentricities have a look here.

I need a total of $900 to register my show, hire the venue, organise publicity and posters, and create the set. I would very, very much appreciate any donations.

I spent most of 2013 working on a concept for a solo show in the 2014 Comedy Festival. I was also trying to make it more of a concentrated effort at capitalising on my best material, whereas my 2013 Fringe Festival show was more experimental. So I decided to isolate and develop the characteristics, mannerisms and jokes that really communicated who I was as a comedian, then build an hour-long show around that. 

When I did the Comedy Lab in October, it was very eye-opening. I would do a set of jokes-a mixture of old and new material-then ask the audience their impressions. Sometimes it was kind of hard to take it as a compliment when people said things like "you seem like a very shy person trying to be a comedian", and "you are just so strange". But it was very interesting, and I decided to spin my shyness and eccentricity into an hour of material. The way I decided to do this was to design the set to simulate a kitchen. So the intended experience is that the audience is visiting me as a reclusive eccentric, and getting a special look inside the bizarreness of my life and my observations. It was also handy because I had a lot of jokes that fit a general culinary theme. 

I would greatly appreciate any donations-plus, you'd be supporting a young woman in stand-up comedy! Thank you for reading :)


  • Thank you so much


    Jayran Mansouri's Kitchen of Curiosities is now 114% funded! Thank you for your generous help-I could never have done it without you. Knowing so many people have faith in my comedy makes me happier than I can say, and I am really excited about this show. 

    You have made it possible for me to achieve my dream.  

    Many thanks from Jayran

  • Wow! 79% funded!


    I am getting very close to my funding goal now! Just another 21% to go! Thank you so much to all the donors.

  • Thank you!


    I just added the donations for the first whip-around jar, and it has brought the total to 40%! Getting close to halfway now :D

  • 27%!


    Thank you so much to everyone who has contributed so far :) You are helping me achieve my dream