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Jambalaya- Art & Jazz Fusion

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Opening with a Mardi Gras sensation, guests to Jambalaya will fall under a Haitian spell, New Orleans Jazz music, Creole food and dancing amongst the Jazz instrument Artworks.

The party will continue for two more days within the bustling Jazz Village as the Incubator welcomes visitors and introduces them to a multi genre fusion of music, food, street performance, story telling and art and is sure to leave them enriched and enchanted.

Proudly featuring some of NZ's finest artists in an extraordinary and engaging presentation.

The Incubator has invited out of town artists only and provide an unintimidating and 'real' space for people to view some of the New Zealand's popular and noted artists.

The artists themselves were given the challenge and presented with a blank substrate in the shape of a Jazz instrument to adorn in their chosen medium.

Introducing the Artists....

Ewan McDougall
Shane Hammond
Tracey TeWhaio
Russell Shaw
Michael Weston
Justine Hawksworth
Rona Ngahuia Osborne
Jenna Smith
Megan Hansen-Knarhoi
Jimmy Kouratorus
Monica Welsh
Mike Davison
Michael Springer
Ella Hoeflich

The incubator is an vibrant, edgy and empowering art scene. A flourishing community of creative people, all working to enrich and refresh the arts culture within the Bay of Plenty.

The unique concept of the Incubator is that of space - a vibrant powerhouse of creativity. We are here to make art happen.

Featuring an assemblage of artworks from 14 popular New Zealand artists from Otago to Northland.
This multi genre exhibition will dish up an unpredictable sensory feast and fuse a powerful visual art component to the National Jazz Festival.


The Incubator is delighted to be working in association with the National Jazz Festival to bring this tasty sensory morsel to Tauranga.

Opening night extravaganza 19th April 6pm - RSVP by email.

Interactive performances during the Jazz Village 20th-21st April

Works on display until 18th May in the Incubator Gallery. 



  • and artists number 4 & 5


    Justine Harksworth

    Juatine grew up in Tauranga and after gaining a Degree from Elam School of Fine Arts now lives in Auckland working as a full time artist and designer.

    " My own memories of holidays at a family bach are still a great influence on the images I paint. My most recent work incorporates nautical references and charts which capture the essence of something that is typically New Zealand and reminiscent of a time spent in a particular area. New Zealand flora and fauna, fish and native birds feature strongly. I work predominantly in acrylic and pencil.”

    Jenna Smith

    Jenna was born in Auckland but grew up on the coast of Western Australia, before completing her Bachelor of Arts in Photography at Charles Sturt University in Wagga Wagga, NSW.

    “My work is concerned primarily with the fundamental nature of being, and its relationship to space, place, time, cause and effect, and possibility. By abstracting and obscuring the subject in different ways, I encourage viewers of my work to see through or even beyond the subject, rather than just look at it.”



    and artists  number 4 & 5
  • Introducing Michael Springer


    and a taster of his piece for Jambalaya....

    Michael Noel Springer, New Brighton based full time, self learning artist , beach sculptor , painter , photographer , creator of whatever seems interesting, pertinent, challenging or fun at the time of making, exhibiting locally and nationally including a work in the 2014 Adam Awards at the New Zealand Portrait Gallery, Wellington.


    Introducing Michael Springer
  • Introducing Ella Hoeflich


    Ella Hoeflich (BA, Dip T)

    Ella Hoeflich's work is influenced by music, and the idea of continuous composition from music, each painting suggests movement and an unfolding of visual and spatial possibilities.



    Introducing Ella Hoeflich
  • Introducing one of the artists...


    Ewan McDougall . The most colourful man in Dunedin! - His works are exquisite!

    Check him out here.......

    Introducing one of the artists...
  • Wowsa!


    Looking good folks we are on the way , this show is not for the faint hearted BTW Just sayin............

  • Wowsa!


    Looking good folks we are on the way , this show is not for the faint hearted BTW Just sayin............