J.A. Kennedy

IWT Project Space

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This Boosted campaign has been initiatated to organise the next two months worth of rent for the IWT Project Space, 179a Point Chevalier Road. This project has been self funded up until this point.

IWT Project Space is a project gallery space intended to connect the unconnected. The space was initiated by artist J.A. Kennedy, and has currently been in operation for four months and held three shows as part of the curation series collectively titled '(( (1.))'.  The three shows exhibited works from (First iteration) Rohan Hartly Mills, Robyn Jordaan, Jamie Cowie, Caroline Faigan, Whitney Nicholls-Potts, (second iteration) Shelley Simpson, Robbie Fraser, Mish O'Neill, Jazmine Rose, (third iteration) Daniel Ellison, Krystina Kaza, Priscilla Hunter.

This project series is intended to be the preliminary series of shows to instigate the conversation around connecting the unconnected. The space is a platform for experimental curation. It would be ideal to continue operating in this location, with your help we can. The monthly rent is $966 (incl gst.)

In the first iteration of '(( (1.))', '1ST XFive', J.A. Kennedy chose five individuals to contribute a work.  Those first Five contributors were asked to choose one person they wished to be part of the second iteration, '2ND XFour'.  One recommendation was then removed from the invitation list.  This control was taken to initiate a progression, and to limit the series life span. In the third iteration, '3RD XThree', the four individuals from the second choose and again one recommendation was removed.  And so on, until the series has hosted a solo show for the last person standing or a group show for all involved.

The rental agreement is currently on a month to month basis and we hope to complete this series with two more shows. The intention is to continue into the coming months and host further shows.

A Boosted campaign has been started so this project space can continue and develop new projects once this series is complete.

Currently this project space is an extension of J.A. Kennedy's art practice. The link to any curatorial discourse is based on aspects of pairing the medium to a surface/space. This project space has been a useful space to host shows that support others and their own practice. The intent of the space has developed from this simple basis, but its intention is to provide a context in which to connect the previously unconnected.  

Visit @iwt_projectspace on instagram for more information and past shows.