Alice Kirker

Iron Eyes

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Jang Huddle presents its debut work Iron Eyes (17th-21st February, Basement Theatre). Iron Eyes is a contemporary, experimental dance performance exploring the vastly complicated socio-political conflict between North and South Korea, and more loosely, the impact of power and control.

The core ensemble is made up of six dancers, Evie Logan, Bethany Laycock, Yin- Chi Lee, Joanne Chun, Talia Pua and Cindy Jang, who are devising the work using both dance and physical theatre.

We welcome you to the zone of Iron Eyes. Accept the invitation. Lay down your assumptions. Reposition yourself. Allow limitation. Relish the unexpected perception. Relinquish your agency. You'll be safer in the light.

Iron Eyes puts the current world situation into an interactive performance. It plays with the idea of a change in perspective, guiding the audience through the performance and shifting their view of the performance by moving them through the space, prompted by the performers. The choreography of the work is informed by Cindy's cultural roots, with a particular emphasis on the ongoing conflict between North and South Korea.


"I decided to share this story after being inspired by various readings about the differences in South and North Korea and listening to my Grandma's story about her time in the North and how she fled to the South, leaving family and friends behind. We can't keep hiding these stories under the rug as Korean culture so often does. Iron Eyes is the place to talk." - Cindy Jang, creator of Iron Eyes


We have some general production costs that need to be covered. Your generous donations will go towards paying for our music licensing, costuming, props, feeding our cast, marketing our work, and paying our photographer.


Cindy Jang is a Korean-born kiwi, and she wants to acknowledge her Korean roots as well as her Turangawaewae. She is a recent and enthusiastic graduate from the Dance Studies programme at the University of Auckland and she is currently furthering her dance development by doing her postgraduate Honours in Dance Studies. She is an aspiring choreographer and community dance facilitator, and the founder of Jang Huddle, an experimental dance ensemble.

Alice Kirker is a 2015 graduate of Unitec's Bachelor and Performing and Screen Arts, majoring in Production Design and Management. She co-owns the Bits and Pieces Ensemble theatre company, which has had two sell-out seasons of FLAPS (2016), and return season FLAPS Retouched (2017). She is also a co-producer of the monthly storytelling event The Watercooler. She assists on many other creative projects in Auckland, and will be working on everything from dance shows to original scripts in 2018.

Bethany Laylock has experienced a wide range of fields, from contemporary dance to company work with Touch Compass and the New Zealand Dance Company. She has explored other creative outlets such as dancing in New Zealand Fashion week and Qatar Airways gala. 

Talia Pua is in her second year studying a Bachelor of Creative Technologies at AUT. She was part of a k-pop dance group at school, and is enjoying developing as a dancer and theatre maker.

Evie Logan is a third-year dance studies degree student at The University of Auckland. She took part in a contemporary dance programme exchange to Stony Brook, New York, and has experience in both improvisation and contemporary dance.

Yin-Chi Lee is a University of Auckland Dance Studies Honours Degree student, passionate about contemporary dance and Chinese Martial Arts.

Joanne Chun is in her final year in nutrition at The University of Auckland. She has a background in traditional Korean cultural dance and in high school she participated in Korean Fan dancing. She has experience with Salpuri, the traditional Korean sleeves dance.


Dates: 17-21 April, 6.30pm

Venue: Q Theatre Vault, 305 Queen St, Auckland

Tickets: $16-$20 (service fees may apply)


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