Louise Mahoney

In the sound stream

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In early October I have the opportunity to study at the Celtic School of Sound Healing, in Dublin, Ireland. Sound healing is an ancient practice using sound and frequency to subtly affect responses of the body and mind, creating a sense of wellbeing. As a Pakeha New Zealander of Irish heritage, this is the perfect environment for me to further develop my sound practice, connect with ancestral ties and learn skills to pass on. This training will lay the foundations for my project, In the Sound Stream, and for a new vocation.

I will be learning techniques from around the world alongside perspectives specific to Ireland over the two day intensive course, and a large component will involve studying aspects of the Celtic spiritual tradition in relation to sound healing. I'm excited to learn Irish fonn/chants. This word, Fonn, refers not only to song or chant but also a state of mind, and the land itself.

After the course finishes, I plan to make immediate use of the techniques through a series of site responsive and sound focused field investigations. I will explore various locations of archaeological, environmental and spiritual significance throughout Ireland. During my investigations, I will collect sound fragments and field recordings, by capturing found sounds and also those I generate myself through vocal toning (singing) and instrumentation. I will explore the land's vital essence and archaeo-acoustic resonance of these sites. These works will be documented by audio, video and text.

This series of works, In the sound stream, is a multi-disciplinary project which explores the transformative potential of sound, it's invisible traces upon the land and the impact it has on our psyche. Working at the intersection of past and present, In the Sound Stream considers our interrelationship with the earth and the unseen, using vibrational sound as both a balm and medicine.

I consider the opportunity to train in this area of sound healing, taking influence from the vocal traditions of my Irish ancestors, as important to the future development to my work. In the long term I would like to become a fully qualified sound healing practitioner and help others - who, like me have sustained trauma - heal.

With your generous koha I will be able to weave this vision into the world of light!
The money will go directly towards the cost of training, food, accommodation, materials and internal travel in Ireland.

Training in sound healing and the creation of these works means a great deal to me.
I would be so grateful for your support in any way, through sharing this video or contributing koha.

Thank you so much

To the magic of sound and the ancestors…

Louise xxxxxxxx