Hiona Henare

In search of the Goddess: A journey to Ancient Egypt

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Next month in March I'll be traveling to Egypt to take part in a 15 day intensive training academy in the sacred teachings of Egyptian alchemy. I'll be following the ancient trail of the female Pharoahs, and attending ceremonies in sacred and private temples including an Initiation of light and healing at the Isis Chambers, Kings Chamber, Edfu, Dendera & Karnak.

While there, I'll also be filming the research I do in linking the Polynesian Goddess to the lineage of the Egyptian Queens and Akashic histories linked to the stars and beyond. The research is all part of my quest for sacred knowledge to balance, heal, renew and restore the divine polynesian wahine atua, otherwise know as the Goddess.

As some of you know, I have a new online web tv production company called Sacred Screen Web TV. The films I make in Egypt will screen in my new web series "Ancient Spirits Beckon". And my additional research of Divine Feminine music, text and alchemical science will be presented in my radio show, via podcast and in Wānanga across Aotearoa, and beyond.

In restoring the indigenous feminine light such as love, understanding, compassion, insight, intuition, creativity, forgiveness, healing, and wisdom I believe we can make some real positive changes in the Pacific by embracing the divine feminine and: living and eating cleaner, loving our bodies more, exercising, nurturing Papatuanuku, being better parents and partners, silencing the ego, finding inner peace, self loving, getting of pharmacuitcal medicines, lowering the rate of suicide, shaking off addiction, protecting our waters and wildlife, raising extraordinary children and promoting strong and vibrant communities. Overall just getting rid of all the outworn ways of thinking and embracing the birth of a new Earth.

But I can't do this on my own I need your help so please show your love by supporting my sacred journey and donating and sharing my campaign with absolutely everybody you know. I'll thank you all in person, perhaps a private screening of my micro films, or at the very least a special Goddess song dedicated to you during my Wednesday morning radio show. Thanks for your support.


Hiona xx

"And, when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it."
Paulo Coelho, 'The Alchemist'


  • Researching Ancient Egypt In New Zealand


     Evidence of Ancient Egypt in the Pacific

    On the Maori moko the count is 13 dark lines and 14 light lines, including the ornate centre band. The sum of 13 X 14 days = 182-days or the number of full days between equinoxes. Tutankhamen’s mask shows a cobra snake and ibis bird with a snake-like neck. The Maori moko centre band shows the Fleur de lys and Caduceus symbols, with the dual snakes entwined on the shaft. These are very ancient Mediterranean symbols, used copiously from Egypt to Ireland.






    Researching Ancient Egypt In New Zealand

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