Miranda Bellamy

In Plain Air

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Since 2015, I've been creating a short documentary film about my mum, Pauline Bellamy. It celebrates and shares the magic of her painting, set within the incredible landscapes of the Otago region. Filming is now complete, and with your support we will bring it to the big screen.  

Throughout the process of making this film, I've been inspired by Mum's adventurous spirit, her insatiable drive to create, and her generosity in sharing what being an artist means to her. 

With the assistance of skilled camera operator Iain Frengley, I have chipped away at realising this passion project whenever I have been back home in Dunedin.

We have captured some wonderful material. From painting through the ice and snow in a wintery Central Otago, to savouring the calm mid-summer Otago Harbour, we have it all. 

It's now time for the final phase of the filmmaking process, post-production. Editor Thomas Gleeson and I will work through hours and hours of footage to bring the final film into shape while Jack Northover masterfully composes an original soundtrack.

With your help, we can raise the $3500 that will allow this film to shine.
If we meet this target, I'll share it between the talented professionals that have committed their support to completing this project, and cover some of the costs of submitting the final film into film festivals around the world.

I'm really excited to sit in a cinema and watch the curtains draw on this project with you all.


Miranda Bellamy


I'm an artist and filmmaker originally from Dunedin, NZ. I am forever compelled to embark on creative projects that come in many shapes and sizes.

My interdisciplinary work embraces vulnerability, takes risks and continually experiments. It has travelled around the world, with me in tow.

I am so grateful to have carried this slice of home with me for the past few years, and can't wait to bring this project to life in 2019. 


  • WE DID IT!


    We made our target! I'm so grateful for all of your support and encouragement. Thank you so much. With the amount we have raised, I am confident we can put together a great wee film that does all of Mum's hard work justice. 

    If you still want to donate, please know that any amount we raise over the 100% mark will be put to very good use. The thing about making a film is that in many ways, it is never really finished. There is always more that can be done... a little more time spent finessing the edit or the soundtrack... a few more film festival entries in far flung places... a bigger poster... 
    If we end up overshooting the target, it will just make for a better film that more people will have the opportunity to see.

    Again, thank you. I am so energised and ready to tell this story. 

    WE DID IT!
  • Half way!


    Thanks to the support of over 30 generous donors, we are over the 50% funded mark on the campaign! Your response to the project has been heart-warming and I am so grateful to everyone that has contributed and shared their enthusiasm so far :)

    Half way!