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In Flagrante

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MaryJane O'Reilly's hot new contemporary cabaret work In Flagrante selected for this year's Edinburgh Fringe Festival. 

In Flagrante or 'caught in the act', has been a hit show in New Zealand from day one. In fact more than 10,000 people across the country have seen a performance since MaryJane O'Reilly first put it on a stage at Auckland's Basement Theatre in 2011.

MaryJane who co-founded the legendary contemporary dance company Limbs, choreographed the seminal Commonwealth Games Opening Ceremony in 1990, and later as director of successive Tempo Dance Festivals has in this work gone back to her roots as a designer of cryptic, sophisticated, physical theatre.

In Flagrante is her very modern and very antipodean take on the cabaret burlesque genre. Contemporizing it with a bolshy fresh new look at female stereotypes delivered in a sexy virtuosic dance form.

And now it's been invited to do 26 performances at the renowned Edinburgh Fringe Festival in August, quite an honour for a New Zealand dance-theatre company when you think of about it.

And that's what we're asking you to do...

We need to raise $20K towards getting our cast and crew of 9 to Edinburgh by July 28.

Creative New Zealand has come to the party, and with your contribution and MaryJane and husband/co-producer Phil's mortgage picking up the difference, we'd be as they sayhome and hosed.

Some numbers to think about:

$10 buys a G string

$25 drycleans a Marching Girls costume

$50 pays a dancer's per diem

$100 buys travel insurance

OR > Put in (say) $1000 and get back $333*...

Because Boosted is officially a non-profit entity whether you're an individual or a company, your contribution is totally tax deductable.

 *calculated at 33% tax rate.

How to make a donation:

To make a donation you need to JOIN BOOSTED, a quick simple process which you can make a donation at the same time. So we invite you to hit the DONATE button and follow the prompts.

Our warmest thanks for your support


Photo credits, left to right:  Kaveh Karden, Phil O'Reilly, Bruce Jarvis


  • Yay we've reached 94%


    Thank you so much everyone, it's so fantastic that we've got this far. Just a little bit more and we're there.......we're so honoured, humbled and to coin a surfing expression - stoked!!

    Maybe the surfing analogy is apt as we're going out there to make waves in a hot new zone for NZ theatre, at this world famous festival.

    The campaign ends at 5am NZ time tomorrow morning.

    And here is a gorgeous photo of Molly to inspire you....

    love to all


    Yay we've reached 94%
  • Outstanding photo of Maria for you


    Dear everyone.

    We are totally honoured and grateful to have your support, its incredibly heartwarming - we feel your warmth. 

    And apologies  - the other day I sent heaps of udates by mistake - kept pressing the update button and it was't going through so I kept stabbing know how it is aaaagh  - sorry!

    We have a set of outstanding photos we're sending up to Edinburgh as part of our marketing and publicity many taken by Bruce Jarvis at our recent performances at The Vic - this one of Maria is from 'Our Day will Come' and we love it - doesn't she look fantastic and fiercely beautiful?


    finally - yes we are nearly close......I was thinking it might be helpful to do a quick this stage there are 128 donors....(please don't donate if you are too stretched - we wouldn't want that at all) but if you could spare another $20 or $30 it would add up to pretty well $3000 or $4000.....if that's a concept that works for you we would deeply appreciate it. Our campaign actually goes to 5am monday morning so we have another day and a bit. 

    The dancers and I had a meeting today to discuss everything - we plan to hire a studio as soon as we arrive to do classes and go over things  - everyone is totally buzzed and ready to go,

    My youtube account is mary-jqne oreilly and I plan to be updating short films on that regularly and the dancers ( mainly Molly and Maria at the moment) are doing twitter on InflagranteCab.

    We all thank you all so much!


    Outstanding photo of Maria for you
  • We're truly humbled


    Thanks again so much for your donations to our enterprise - these Kiwis in Edinburgh (because of your help) will really fly!!

    As I mentioned before we have a publicist now helping us gain attention in Edinburgh - New York based Inbrook - below are some exceprts from their media release based on what we had written already and their observations of our photos, promo vids and short films........they make us sound great eh? 

    Please forward this email onto your mates  - they might like to support us as well!!

    O and here is our twitter account - InflagranteCab  



    Bold & Brassy…Wickedly Funny…Cuttingedge


    Aptly named, ‘In Flagrante’ (Latin: "in blazing") sets fire to your seat and offends your

    sensibilities – in the best manner possible.

    London – 2nd July 2013: Bridled, saddled, and ready to pounce, the girls from New Zealand

    quickly set the stage for an evening of skin and sass. This isn’t your grandpa’s burlesque. 'In

    Flagrante'’s athletic cast turns the tradition on its head with a contemporary take on female

    sexual stereotypes. And heads turn when these ladies flaunt their leather garb, marching

    gear, and traffic girl uniforms.

    A scintillating series of Pop Art vignettes with a voluptuous vicious edge, 'In Flagrante'

    delivers a performance blending contemporary dance, avantgarde

    cabaret, urban iconology,

    and their own brand of fetish burlesque – in short, a fearless night of pure theater.


    'In Flagrante' plays to packed houses in its native environs and premieres in Europe at this

    year's The Edinburgh Fringe Festival, showing at the Assembly Roxy, 1st to the 26th August

    at 22.30 (23:30).



    We're truly humbled
  • 4 days to go!!


    Thank you so much everyone for donating to this campaign - we are HUGELY grateful!!

    66% is brilliant, we are so honoured to have you all behind us, supporting us, we'll do you proud - truly!

    Just 4 days to go in the Boosted campaign and we really hope you can support us further by perhaps putting a little more in yourselves or certainly forwarding this to your friends and contacts and encouraging them to donate also!

    We depart on the 25th July and your donations mean we can do much more marketing and publicity, which is really necessary there because there are hundreds of shows on there, day and night, so the competition is huge!

    We have just contracted a publicist to get us media attention and we'll also be getting our Marching Girls out on the street there handing out flyers.....15000 of them!

    I'll be on twitter also - in my next update I'll give you my twitter address if you want to hear how we are going!
    Our publicist in an American from Brooklyn and he is keen for me to do twitter and pinterest - aaagh.......after this whole adventure I'm gonna be so organised with my database and savvy with my internet use he he.......and I'm already planning tours around NZ again in November!

    No more exclamation marks......just getting on with buying suitcases for the costumes ....and do you like the photo I've chosen to up? gorgeous eh? The final dance from the show  -we call it Summertime xxx


    4 days to go!!
  • Media Friday and 3 1/2 weeks to go....


    is the link to Seven Sharp - thanks Greg and 7 sharp team - it was a cool item - go to 19 minutes to see us!

    Harbour News also featured us last Fri 28th - 10 questions - nice opportunity thanks Jess and all at H News.

    Thanks to CNZ also - their new strategy to support invitations to fringe festivals was a game changer for us - really appreciate the support!

    Thanks again to you all - families, friends, fans - we have one more week of our Boosted campaign so thank you for forwarding this to friends to help us on our way,

    MJ, Phil, Maria, Molly, Megan, Shanelle, Sofia, Amanda and Rachel our techie who will be with us for the 1st week to help us set up......

    We thank you!!

    Media Friday and 3 1/2 weeks to go....
  • In Flagrante on 7 Sharp this Friday!


    Hi all,

     thank you so much for contributing to our Edinburgh Fringe Festival enterprise. We feel so honoured that you deem our project worthy of your support - thank you!!

    NB We are on 7 Sharp this Friday with the Marching Girls. We want to thank Greg and the rest of the 7 Sharp team for also supporting our drive to get to Edinburgh.

    We hope you can view it and tell your friends to view it also, it might inspire more people to send some support our way.

    We filmed it last Friday in Leys Library Hall - it was very early in the morning and freezing (thats why i'm all wrapped up!) as we had to do it before some of the dancers went to work at their other jobs (Molly at the Ak Library, Shanelle teaching Pilates, Maria at a desk job in an office, Amanda working at a fine dining restaurant on Quay st as well as doing her cheerleading!!) they are all saving madly for Edinburgh also!

    Couldn't resist uploading another photo of the Marching Girls - this one is from The Vic performance, Bruce Jarvis took the photo!

    Please forward this to others of your friends or contacts who might like to support me and/or the show,




    In Flagrante on 7 Sharp this Friday!
  • Marching Girls short film from In Flagrante


    Hi Everyone,

    thank you so much for those of you who have already donated. We're thrilled with the amount we've already raised and we're also thrilled with our new short film which is hot off the press yesterday - Marching Girls  - which some of you will have seen in the In Flagrante performance, now here it is on location. All the people involved in the making of this short film donated their time and skills and we're hugely thankful! is the link to Marching Girls!

    We'll be performing this routine as street theatre while in Edinburgh to attract people to our performances.....we're on at 10:30pm every night at Roxy Central (a converted old church!) and we think this Marching Girls routine will sway them to come and see us, what do you think?

    We've actually just been filming the Marching Girls this morning (in the freezing cold) for 7 Sharp, so will give you a heads up when its going to be on next week!

    Thanks again and please encourage your mates to support us also as it's important we raise the bucks so we can pay the dancers for their time and to do things like cover their rent at home while away on this awesome opportunity!

    Thanks again,



    Marching Girls short film from In Flagrante