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Empower the next generation - Support young people to produce authentic all ages events and create key performance opportunities for young and emerging artists.

IGNITE Programme
IGNITE is a not-for-profit organisation that engages young people aged 15-18 in Auckland with a passion for music and events in a free 12-week industry specific training programme with streams in Event Management and Music Production.

Music is a powerful artform via which IGNITE supports the personal and professional development of young people, giving them a stepping stone to further education pathways and discover the various careers that exist within New Zealand's vibrant creative industries.

Each participant is paired up with an industry professional as their mentor to provide support and guidance throughout the programme. They have also attended seminars and taken part in various workshops, venue tours and work experience to solidify their learning.

IGNITE Event Series
Event Management stream of ten 15-18 year olds in teams are producing FOUR all ages music events for Auckland, held at the Ellen Melville Centre in June.

Why you should support us!
We believe that young people especially learn best when they apply the skills learnt to a real-life context so this part of the process to produce an event is crucial to solidify their learning.

There are not many all ages music events for under 18s in Auckland, especially to enjoy local artists, as a lot of venues are licensed to restrict people not of legal drinking age. We feel that music and drinking age should not be connected and everyone should be able to enjoy music, no matter their age.

Through the programme, our young people aged 15 to 18 will engage the wider community by producing a series of all ages events - run by young people for young people, whilst creating key performance opportunities for young and emerging artists.

The details..
The minimum we need to raise is $3,000 and this will go towards paying for event costs such as production, artist fees, marketing, security etc for 4 IGNITE Events. The rest of the money is funded by IGNITE and topped up from ticket/door sales. Ideally, we would raise more than this as it will mean more investment into making these events bigger and better!

We would also like to note that ALL proceeds will go to a charity of the event organisers' choice, or re-invested back into the IGNITE Event Fund for future all ages events.

Each event will present a plan and budget to the IGNITE team to access this IGNITE Event Series fund.

The final plea!
Please dig deep and give generously as every dollar will help us, help our fantastic team of young people put on four amazing all ages events!

You are helping to create more ALL AGES events in Auckland, provide key performance opportunities for young and emerging musicians and help empower the next generation of event managers!

Visit our website for more info on the 2018 programme and participants.


  • Just over 50% to go & First 2 Shows Announced!


    Thank you SO much for everyone's generous donations! We are just over 50% to our minimum target of $3,000 to produce FOUR all ages shows. Not only do these shows provide opportunities for young people to perform and attend, it's also empowering and upskilling our next generation of music event managers!

    We now have just 7 days to go to raise the rest of the funds as otherwise we won't get anything and that would be such a shame as we've had such great support already!

    We're also excited to share the first 2 shows of the series happening Friday 8th and Saturday 9th June at the Ellen Melville Centre. Both sets of event organisers have also decided to donate all of their proceeds to Mental Health Foundation and Youthline - two great causes so your money will also go onto these great charities!

    If you can help us spread the word so we can reach our target, that would be much appreciated!

    Look forward to updating you with 2 more shows soon!

    Just over 50% to go & First 2 Shows Announced!

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