If I Only Had a Heart

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An intimate cabaret of Lust, Love and Loss.

From the producers of 'The Red Chair: Obsess + Confess', DIONYSOS return with the newly devised cabaret 'If I Only Had A Heart', an eclectic 90-minute mash-up of songs; familiar, reinterpreted, and completely new, from Jerome Kern to Cindy Lauper.

At times racy, comedic, and heart breaking, three women compare notes of passion, partnership, parting and perseverance.

Settle at a table and revel in the affairs of the heart in a cozy cabaret atmosphere and experience a musical trip through time.

DIONYSOS is committed to bringing to the stage, to be heard and appreciated by Auckland theatre-goers, local professional Music Theatre practitioners of the highest quality. Your generous boosts will ensure our three very talented vocalists (Jessie Cassin, Rebecca Wright & Cherie Moore) get reimbursed for their hard work.


  • Thank you!


    The team at DIONYSOS would like to extend a huge thank you to all our boosters to date. We very much appreciate your generosity towards our current project and getting our 3 very talented performers paid.

    We have just tipped the 16% mark and with over a week to go we are determinded to reach our 100% target.

    We are now gearing up as we head into a full weekend of pack in, tech runs and final rehearsals all ahead of our opening night performance next Tuesday 21st October. We are all very excited!

    Once again Thank you, it means alot to us.


    Much love, The DIONYSOS team

    Thank you!