Alida Steemson

Ideation by Aaron Loeb

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About Ideation

In a corporate think tank, a team is asked to design the unthinkable in 90 minutes.

Can they construct a proposal to liquidate a population before soccer practice?

How long can they maintain the air of professionalism as they dig deeper?

Over coffee and petit scones they begin to question themselves and each other as they follow the twisting paths of logic towards unsettling conclusions.

Are they developing something that will save humanity or participating in something monstrous?

As they work on the complex problem following the twisting paths of logic toward increasingly unsettling conclusions, they begin to realise how little they know about what they're working on.

Ideation examines the horrific through the lens of the mundane and asks, what do you really know?

About Lightbringer

Lightbringer Productions is a young theatre company with big dreams. We choose texts that explore the darker side of humanity and challenge the audience to examine the way they perceive the everyday. We aim to create experiences that are accessible to anyone.

With products designed and produced by the local community, the team includes a collection of new and emerging talent supported by experience, providing a platform in which to upskill and gain proficiency in both performance and crew work. One goal for the future is to create a business model that allows practitioners to earn a fair wage for their time and effort.

The Ask

It takes the cast and crew around 1000 hours of work to bring a production to life, with many of us putting in the time outside of our day jobs as well as taking time off for production week. It also takes many dollars, so we need all the help we can get! The money you help us raise here will go towards production costs like the set and the rights for the show, leaving more at the other end to pay the cast and crew for their time. Every little bit will count and help ensure the production stays on track both in quality and professionalism.

The Cast
Lisette Prendé as Hannah

James Bayliss as Brock

Paul Kay as Ted

Jett Ranchhod as Sandeep

Slaine McKenzie as Scooter