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I Will Not Write Unless I Am Swaddled In Furs

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Thanks to everyone who donated to get us this far we're now able to start confirming all the details with our crew and suppliers which is very exciting! The initial funding target of $30K provided us with funds to get through the shoot, contract crew on very special rates and engage suppliers and locations.  Since there's still some time left, we've set a new target of $35K which would help fund the post production process of the film. Thank you!

This is an adaptation of a brilliant short story published by the legendary McSweeney's and written by American writer John Lusk Babbott.

The original story consists of a set of rules cataloguing in great detail the daily routine and demands of an obsessive writer before he will even consider putting pen to paper.

Wade instantly fell in love with the vivid and specific description of his requirements and his aim is to bring that visceral, colourful and definitive world to the screen by weaving these elements into a small narrative lasting no more than 5 minutes.  His connection to the story is pretty simple, he is also extremely obsessive, a slave to routine and is absolutely terrified of producing shitty work. It's taken him 18 years of directing to build up the courage to make his first short, so he thinks this story is a fitting subject.

Tonally, the film exists within the similar realms of the cult films 'Withnail & I', about two unemployed actors in London, and the documentary 'Grey Gardens', which depicts the lives of two aging upper class women living in a derelict mansion.

This is a collaborative effort with a number of supporters already. Wade has teamed up with Jimena Murray as Producer.

The film has been chosen as a match funding pilot by the New Zealand Film Commission after going through the Fresh Shorts funding round. NZFC has generously offered their support in the form of up to NZD $10,000 dollar match fund, the equivalent of a Fresh 10 film. This means anything you donate immediately doubles. Your donation and the Film Commission's means the team could reach up to the total value of NZD $20,000.

They also have the support of their production company FINCH and are building a great crew to make the film. Announcements of key crew will be made in due course.

Much like the writer, Wade's work is very considered and intricate (click here to see some examples), and although this film is by no means ambitious, they need to fully realise the world the writer inhabits to do the story justice (including a shot of planets aligning - not kidding).

Thank you so much for taking the time to check this out and be sure to follow the film's progress on the Facebook page.





    After a long and arduous search, we've finally cast our WRITER, in the form of UK comedian Alexis Dubus!

    We spotted him in this years NZ Comedy Festival line-up, performing as his alter ego Marcel Lucont. He has exactly the right balance of arrogance and charm to bring the role of the Writer to life, not to mention his incredibly expressive features and brilliant comedic timing.

    You still have time to catch him in Wellington up until May 07, or hosting the 2 Degrees Comedy Convoy Tour up and down the country from May 18th - 29th. Welcome aboard Alexis!



    There are only 6 lovely days left everyone....

    We’re so grateful to all the people who have generously donated so far, in the first instance all those people will be invited to a screening of the film before it’s official release. Additionally to this...

    Donors of $100 or more will receive a THANK YOU in the film’s end credits.

    Donors of $1000 or more will appear in the film’s end credits as KEY SUPPORTERS.

    Donors of $2,000 or more will appear as ASSOCIATE PRODUCER.

    It's not too late to click that red DONATE button and be a part of this film



    We’re ridiculously happy to announce our next crew member, collaborator, friend and talented art director SARAH COOPER.

    Wade and Sarah (unbeknownst to each other) worked for the same music video production house in the UK come years back, although they didn’t cross paths until recently, when they collaborated on the original ‘blue world’ spots for State Insurance, the music box idents for Liquid sound post (not quite released!).

    She has such a beautiful sense of style and an unstoppable attention to detail. We’re so lucky to have her on board. Welcome!  You can view some of her work here



    It’s our absolute pleasure to introduce another member of our team, award-winning cinematographer (and very good friend) Andrew Commis. Wade and Andy forged a relationship many years ago working on music videos and commercials and he’s since gone on to shoot a total of nine feature films, including the highly regarded Beautiful Kate and The Rocket, as well as the TV dramas Devil’s Playground and The Slap. Andy is a storyteller in his own right, and one of the warmest and most easy-going people you will meet. Welcome aboard!


  • 44% on DAY 4


    Gosh everyone thank you so much for your generosity it is really quite amazing to have you all get behind this.

    I thought that we'd tell you a little bit about where this started... Wade is an avid short story reader and frequents the McSweeney's site as well as having a subscription to their amazing books, of course I got into it too and am making my way through the last couple of issues. Such a treat.

    Anyway, I digress.. John Lusk Babbott.  A very talented author, his first short story was published on McSweeney's in 2014, Wade came across it and there began this journey.. 

    BIO: John Lusk Babbott has been writing short fiction since he first figured out how to play with words. He lives and teaches in San Francisco, though he soon expects to join the flood of Californian economic refugees flowing north to Portland.

    He’s had work published in the magazines Index / Fist and Quiet Lightning as well as McSweeney’s Internet Tendency. He’s been working for the past four years on his first novel, a manuscript that’s nearing completion, and would do some serious damage if dropped on someone from any significant height.

    44% on DAY 4