Luke Bower

I Hear Men

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A short film we're hoping to submit to NZIFF about the seen and unseen influences acting on a woman in her everyday life.

Following a young woman over the course of a week (played by Phoebe Borwick), I Hear Men shows the way in which society influences her, both positively and negatively. Our goal is to make I Hear Men and submit it to NZIFF this year, but we need your help!

We are sticking to a very small budget, and we're managing to cover most of the costs ourselves. Equipment hire is a bit of an obstacle for us, and that's where your contribution comes in. After submitting to NZIFF, we are also going to submit I Hear Men to overseas festivals.

About Us
Phoebe and I both trained as actors, with Phoebe working consistently as an actor. I became more interested in what goes on behind the camera and have been working in the film industry ever since. This will be our first project together, and we're hoping it's much like John Cassavettes and Gena Rowlands' relationship!

Many thanks for your support as we begin this filmmaking journey together.

All the love,
Phoebe & Luke