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Used to being part-time musos more familiar with working late and packing kids lunches, the attention we got last year from a DIY music video came way out of left field - Bloggers and new fans from Australia, the UK, Spain, Slovakia and even Bosnia getting in touch.

And TWO invites to play summer festivals in the UK :-P

This is something we're rapt, flabbergasted but also slightly bummed out about. We've put everything we have into an upcoming debut album.

Asking for help is something we're not used to and don't normally feel comfortable with. But everyone gets an opportunity, and this could be ours. A concrete chance to put ourselves on the world stage, play with some established artists and push a new brand of kiwi rock.

Heres a quick background on us.
We're a blues rock 3-piece from Christchurch who've been around for 2 years. Runners up in Bandemonium 2018, we love putting everything into our live gigs. And we think we can write a tune or 2 - we almost tempted Ben Edwards into shifting genres and producing his first rock album!

If you like the sound of anything we've done and are keen to give us a bit of good luck, we would love your help.
We're determined to get there.








    To everyone who has supported us on this crazily stressful journey - THANKS! We finally made it. Next stop, the UK. You can keep up with our escapades on facebook. You're all amazing beings. Love the Hypnumb gang 

  • 60 Hours To Go....


    Massive, huge THANKS to everyone who have supported our boosted campaign - kind souls we ❤️ you. But, we are at CRISIS POINT! We have just 60 hours left to raise $2964 on our boosted campaign. If we don't meet our target, we lose everything (including our singer - some yobbos have carried her off and will not release unless we can book some flights). HELP! If you can share our posts, get your neighbour to donate their coffee money for the day or take a metal detector down the beach we would love you and we'll never let you go.....✨✨✨✨✨

    Help us promote Kiwi Rock. 

    60 Hours To Go....
  • Thanks! A sneaky peek at what you're supporting..


    Thanks so much to all of you have been generous enough to add to our project so far. We honestly can't do it without you so every one of you is massively appreciated.

    We want to share our UK gig schedule with you as it stands. We are so excited to be given the opportunity to spread NZ music to the northern hemisphere and this has added to our momentum to keep working hard, adding gigs and connecting with wonderful musicians, venues and promoters over there. Keep her lit......Love Hypnumb

    Thanks! A sneaky peek at what you're supporting..