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How I Met My Father - 500 Mile Walking Tour

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Award-winning Wellington comedian Rhian Wood-Hill had an epic New Zealand tour of his debut show, How I Met My Father. The comedy-storytelling hour special went from Whangarei to Dunedin and earned Wood-Hill acclaim from critics and audiences alike; in both city centres and small towns.

NOW, Rhian and the show are going even further: walking 500 miles along the coast of Australia from Queensland to New South Wales. How I Met My Father is a show with legs and Wood-Hill plans on stretching these as far as they can go for a classic Proclaimers joke.

Money raised from donors will go towards keeping Rhian alive on his journey this February. Food, water, and first aid supplies are crucial to a walking tour of this distance in the Australian summer. Flights are the project's first major expense but the journey also requires ongoing costs to make sure it is safe.

Rhian knew just a few things about his father growing up: He was a criminal, he was charming, he was good looking, and Samoan. Being raised in South Canterbury, Rhian didn't have many reference points to his Samoan identity, and life experience suggests he lacks most of his father's other qualities.

With a perfect balance of comedy and drama, wild anecdotes and down-to- earth moments, How I Met My Father is both honest and hilarious: An hour where you are invited to laugh wholeheartedly at someone else's misfortune.


Theatreview (Palmerston North)
Theatreview (Auckland)
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  • February has arrived (and so has Rhian's jawline)


    🌞 Happy February everyone! 🌞 Rhian heads off on his 500 mile walking tour later this month and he's been working hard. Here's what 6 weeks of training (and a haircut) looks like. 😯

    February has arrived (and so has Rhian's jawline)
  • Rest assured, Rhian is training!



    Rest assured, Rhian is training!

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