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Hook ups are a big feature in the modern gay experience - whether it's killing time on Grindr, searching for closeness, or just getting off. It's an easy way to feel some sort of connection to someone, to belong somewhere. But how are these temporary encounters shaping out sexual identities and our growing disconnect from each other?
These encounters from writer and Legacy Project founder Bruce Brown aren't just about casual sex, but the disconnections behind the search for connection. Explore modern gay hook-up culture and how this brutal meat market may have forever changed how we connect.
Featuring Andrew Craik, Ciarin Smith, David Capstick, Dion Greenstreet, Lucas Haugh and Matt Smith. Written and directed by Bruce Brown.
20th - 24th SEPTEMBER, 6.30PM
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HOOK-UP BOYS explores intimacy, attraction, sexual curiosity and promiscuity between the friends, lovers and the strangers that feature heavily in our search for some sort of connection via hook-ups. Writer Bruce Brown is interested in uncovering the truth behind these gay experiences in his work and discovering the ways in which casual sex plays a part in shaping our gay sexual identities.

We need your help in order to raise $2000 needed to pay our cast and crew. Tickets to our week-long season on the STUDIO stage at Basement Theatre will raise enough funds to cover our production and publicity costs, but little else. Without your assistance our dedicated actors go unpaid for their hard work on our show.

You can help us achieve our funding target in two easy steps... Step one: donate to our campaign. Any donation, big or small, makes a huge difference in reaching our goal. And step two: support us further by sharing our campaign out to your networks.
Boosted is an all or nothing crowdfunding platform, which means that if we don't reach our target, the donations are returned to the donors and we receive nothing. It only takes 80 people contributing $25 each to reach our target so please support us in creating this show.

Bruce Brown has been working as both a writer and director in theatre since graduating from Unitec's Performing Arts Bachelor programme. He has been extensively involved with community theatre, including directing Shakespeare's THE WINTER'S TALE (2012), April Phillips' HOTEL (2014) and Terry Johnson's THE GRADUATE (2016) for Ellerslie Theatre. Bruce is also the producer behind LEGACY PROJECT, an annual queer theatre development project which he created to provide opportunities for the LGBTI community to share their unique Kiwi stories on stage.
Kate Barnes is the Visitor Experience manager at Q Theatre. This is her first time co-producing. She is very excited to be involved in a creative project and learn producing skills under the wing of Bruce. She has always loved theatre and is also a big fan of live music and food. Before working in theatre, Kate managed busy restaurants and just loves working with people. She is interested in producing more projects down the track.


  • 5 DAYS... 25% LEFT TO GO!


    Here's a sneak peek from our photo shoot earlier today with all the boys... Look out for all the flirty snaps next week!

    We've just finished another very long (but super productive) weekend rehearsing, with now only one week to go until we pack into Basement Theatre. It's also the first time we've had the full cast together in the rehearsal room since our read thru last month!

    There's still time to help us to reach our goal, with only 25% (or a tiny $500) more to go. We can totally achieve this within the next 5 days so please help us to spread the word!



    5 DAYS... 25% LEFT TO GO!
  • 9 DAYS AND ONLY 32% TO GO!


    We've been blown away by the amazing support from everyone who has already donated and helped us to reach 68% already (and only 1% away from me being able to make a lame 69er joke!) We're on track to reach our goal and our rehearsals are rapidly progressing towards our opening night, which is literally only 13 sleeps away... YIKES! Our cast are working off script now (mostly) and have been shaping some great performances. Is it possible to be both sexy and awkward at the same time?

    Our tickets are on sale so make sure you book now to avoid missing out...

    Help us to hook up our actors by sharing our Boosted campaign out to your networks! 25 more contributions of $25 and we hit our target!


    9 DAYS AND ONLY 32% TO GO!

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