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Homies Cozy Teahouse

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Homies Cozy Teahouse, the Koha Cafe has become a staple for many Wellingtonian's since it opened in November 2014. The Koha Cafe provides a safe yet central environment to showcase art of all media, as well as a place to escape the busy urban sprawl and relax with friends.

Currently we have the location until the 15th of March, and are trying to raise our running costs of rent and expenses for this date to ensure our events can still go ahead. However if our fundraising is successful we may be able to stay for a few months longer in the space.

List of Events

Friday 27th / Frazer Dozer, TAB, Beatcomber

Saturday 28th / Destroy All Silence, Bill Heavens

Sunday 1st / Claudia Jardine, Rose Cann, Maple Syrup, Sink the Bismark

Tuesday 10th / The Three Dukes