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Prospect Park Productions is super proud to present the WORLD PREMIERE of Hold Me, a brand, spanking new work by award winning playwright, Emily Duncan. Emily's a woman, and we think it's pretty important to get more women playwrights produced right across New Zealand, so help us achieve this and start flipping the (theatre) script.

Hold Me is a shifty, twisty, spinny tale of all the good n gory bits - love, war, and money. But time is of the essence for our characters, who are forever teetering on the cusp of Autumn...

We're proud to bring this amazing piece to BATS this September, to premiere it in Wellington, and to boost Emily's portfolio of produced work - we reckon her stuff's just too great to stay on paper, albeit paper in produced anthologies, thesis, and accolade lists. Yes, she's that good.

The amazing Tabitha Arthur will not only be bringing her directorial clout to the table (um, stage) but also her incredible designer's eye, ensuring a visually and aurally stunning piece.

To give it the respect it deserves though, we need your help! While we've worked our little butts off to receive development support from Playmarket, a grant from the Emerging Artist's Trust Wellington, and even a bit of cash from our mums, we still need a bit more to ensure that the beauty is transferred from script to your eyeballs and ear holes.

Your donations will assist in covering our costs of costuming, props and music licensing - all the pretty bits. And what's super cool about that? Well, you'll be able to actually see the real, physical results of your support, be it a leaf, or a table, or a gorgeous piece of clothing. How awesome!






    Prospect Park Productions would like to thank everybody that jumped on board and BOOSTED our campaign. We not only reached our target, but even got a little bit extra, that, we might add, will come in damn handy to bridge the teeny gap we have. Thanks for putting up with our endless hounding by email, on Facebook, via Instagram, on napkins left in cafes...

    A big shout out also to the Dunedin City Council for their paid promo of our campaign. As one current Dunedin-ite, and one not so current Dunedin-ite, we're mighty grateful for the support our city continues to give us. 

    We'd also like to give a massive shout out to the team who has been working so incredibly hard to bring this script to life: fabulous director, Tabitha Arthur (who also designed all the stunning publicity images); actors, Alex Greig, Kirsty Bruce, and Raquel Roderick; sound designer, Brad Jenkins; lighting designer, Darren Wood; and the stage manager with the mostest, Harriet Denby. It's a dream team, and we know you'll agree when you see exactly what they're achieved over the past few months. 

    Keep an eye out for our gorgeous posters around and about Wellington city over the next couple of weeks, and make sure you get your tickets early to avoid disappointment. We really want to show off our beautiful creation, so head on over to and secure your opportunity to see what you've helped create. 

    Finally, don't forget to follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and see what we're up to - we promise there'll be a few pictures, an interview or two, and maybe even a chance to win some tickets. Oh, and you'll be able to see what we're up to next, a sneaky new show in October is now also on the cards...

    Ka kite ano, and thanks again to all. 

  • The Highs and Lows of Creating Theatre


    Hello again, to all our fabulous supporters near and far.

    The Hold Me team continue to work hard and fast to bring to the world the premiere season of Emily's lush script. We get more excited by the day, and it's coming together almost as perfectly as we could hope for...


    We didn't get our much hoped for (but admittedly long shot) CNZ funding this round - so we're putting out the call to all to spread the word - there are just 52 hours left in our Boosted campaign, and we'd sincerely love a helping hand to put the finishing touches in place. If you are keen to donate, or know someone you think would like to support us, PLEASE share the love with them, and guide them gently to our page. 

    On the good news front, the Dunedin City Council gave us a bit of a hand by Boosting our Boosted page with some paid ads. Thanks DCC, great to have your support, and know you back your fabulous Dunedin based playwright. 

    Back to the (much loved) grind for us here at Team Hold Me. Not long to go until opening night now, so don't forget to book your tickets.

    The Highs and Lows of Creating Theatre
  • A Wee Update and A HUGE Thanks!


    Thanks so much to all our wonderful Boosted donators - with ten days to go we have hit our target, leaving us humbled by all the support, and excited for what this means for our production. Every single drop of support has meant so much to us, and we look forward to showing you the tangible results of your help. 

    Our actors/characters all have flash new profile pics you'll see floating around the various internety places you visit. Our director and designer extraordinaire, Tabitha Arthur, has done a fabulous job creating a striking, cohesive campaign. We're feeling pretty chuffed with it all really. 

    Last but not least, folk have been asking us if they can still donate to our Boosted page - the answer is definitely yes! Given that we rely on funding to make this all happen, and that not all our funding is secured yet, the more we can raise, the better position we're in to make sure that the staging of this does justice to Emily's lush and textured script. We do have a back up plan, but it involves a bit of organ harvesting (shh, don't tell our partners), and sausage sizzles until the end of time. So if you, or someone you know, has had donating on the radar, please know that all funds received will be made use of, and will allow us to make our lofty aspirations perfectly realised. Which is pretty bloody awesome. 

    Oh, and don't forget what it's all about - supporting New Zealand theatre, getting behind women creating amazing art, and seeing a damn good show. Tickets are available NOW at 

    Thanks again, and you'll hear from us with more updates soon!

    A Wee Update and A HUGE Thanks!
  • Bookings are LIVE!


    A triple whammy of exciting news today - first, we have our brand, spanking new pubilicity image to release into the universe. Thanks to the amazing Tabitha Arthur, this image is not only a great visual tease, summing up the rather dark and evocative nature of the play, it also reveals for the first time to the public our talented (and quite attractive!!!) cast. 

    We're more than a wee bit proud to announce that the parts of Grace, Stanza and Erik will be played by none other than Raquel Roderick, Kirsty Bruce, and Alex Greig. Seeing these guys in action at our read through last week was a treat, and they're fully embracing this script and making the characters come to life. 

    Bringing things to life leads nicely into our third bit of news, that the booking page at BATS has today gone live on their extremely flash new website. You're right now one of the first in the know, so flick your hair, tell all your friends, then jump on to to book a great night out with your crew. They'll be super impressed not only with the show, but also with your early insight into what's going on around and about ;)

    Thanks again to all the wonderful folk who have donated - we continue to be humbled and grateful for all the support. 

    Bookings are LIVE!
  • Something shiny and new this way comes...


    First up, a HUGE thank you to everyone who has donated so far – we are stoked to have this kind of support and we’re feeling like we might just pull this off.

    We had our first full cast and crew assembly on Thursday night, and what a team! After a bit of banter, and filling up our glasses, we launched straight into business with a full read through of the play. Not only was it fantastic seeing our Grace, Stanza and Erik come to life, it was epic to hear the wonderfully dark and funny script leap off the page.

    Our shiny new publicity image is nearly ready too. Keep your eyes peeled for this over the next couple of days, as we go hell for leather getting it out to our various networks.

    Finally, don’t forget to share our page via your networks, and to encourage anyone you think might be keen to get involved. Slather it on your Facebook, post it on your car window, stick notes on your friends’ backs, stuff flyers in your kids’ backpacks.