Marie Thompson

Hokianga Gothic Short Film

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Love Strangulation, written and directed by Marie Thompson and produced by Tipene Shelford, tells a Gothic tale of two people who tangle with Gothic Love.

Milly weaves flax caskets and lives in a remote rural community with her partner Bo, who is in love with Betty. Unknown to Milly, the two lovers want the caskets and her future. Fate steps in, Milly discovers all, and she decides the lovers should test out the caskets first. This is a modern Gothic, with a flare of the Hokianga.

I'm a passionate film maker, who loves the Gothic and Horror genre. I enjoy sharing my skills to go towards developing a great NZ film community that we can all share in. I'd love you to be a part of this journey with us and share the excitement!

This is the first Hokianga Gothic film set in, of all places, the Hokianga! We've gathered a full crew of CLA, Art Department and our Cast is confirmed.

The film is our final year project at Southseas Film and Television School. It's a ripper of a student project, and the vision is to submit it to film festivals here at home, as well as the Woman in Horror Film Festival, Toronto and Sundance film festivals.

Like all students with a great idea our budget is STRETCHED. This is why we need YOUR BOOST!

Your donations will go towards the costs of the extra location we've managed to secure, extra costumes, and the additional travel costs and props we'll need. All donations will be acknowledged in the credits, we'll give regular updates and keep everyone posted right through the production.

Thanks for your support!


  • Love Strangulation


    We are set to leave Auckland on Monday 13 November 4pm and head directly North to our Location in the Hokianga to film. 

    We'll be there for three days - Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday - full days filming. On Friday we'll pack up and head back to Auckland.

    We're just sorting out our transport and catering - but thats no biggie.

    We're all really excited to the Max!


  • Love Strangulation


    We have a wonderful Lead Male Actor - Mijean Thompson playing "Bo"

    Love Strangulation
  • Love Strangulation


    Hello Friends!

    Our Lead female role has been cast:

    Shannon Claire Lopez will play "Milly"