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Often we're put in situations where we feel powerless and hopeless, moments where we feel like things are inflicted on us - but eventually we begin to piece ourselves back together again.

Hit is a short film written and directed by local filmmakers Nahyeon Lee and produced by Samantha Dutton starring Chye-Ling Huang and Arlo Green.

Hit is an exploration of facing your demons and re-claiming autonomy over your body. It is a short film that blends time and space to create a sensory experience between two parallel moments in Iris' life - an innocent night at a party that goes terribly awry and the moment she regains control of her body through boxing. It will attempt to encourage discourse surrounding our current culture, gender and sexual autonomy.

Where your contribution will go:

Because of the small scale of this film, our goal is currently set at $450. Your donation will go towards paying and feeding the crew and actors, off-set costs towards hiring locations, travel costs and production design and increase the overall quality of the film. Also, any additional contribution will go towards entering this film into film festivals which often can have high entry fees.

Every little amount counts - every dollar brings us closer to ensuring that people's valuable time doesn't go uncompensated and your support will encourage your local filmmakers. Thank you!

Writer/Director: Nahyeon Lee

Nahyeon Lee is filmmaker based in Auckland, New Zealand. Currently, she is completing postgraduate study in Screen Production at the University of Auckland. Born to Korean parents who immigrated to New Zealand, she is interested in voicing female and minority stories through films. With a Major in Media, Film and Television behind her, she intends to further use film to explore and subvert generic and gender norms typical in conventional cinema. She has worked on a variety of video projects for local businesses, including for art exhibitions for Olly and short videos for What's Good Blog. This short film will mark her directorial debut.

Producer: Samantha Dutton

Samantha Dutton is a producer, writer, and director. Born in South Africa and raised in New Zealand, her filmmaking focuses on presenting female stories and experiences as an immigrant. Interested in publishing and comics herself, Samantha's non-fiction works include short documentaries about risograph printing and artist-run space Inky Palms, political cartooning in New Zealand via the socio-political cartoons of illustrator Toby Morris, and a documentary series celebrating local female creatives. Penelope Prick, a comic created by Samantha is published in Wellington-based Literary and Arts journal Mimicry and her critical essay "Ruptures of a Stressed Body," which is about the human body, will be published this year in Atlas, a Literary Medical journal.

Female Lead: Chye-Ling Huang

Chye-Ling Huang is a director, writer and actress. Co-founder of Proudly Asian Theatre (PAT), she has driven three successful theatre productions under PAT, had her new play Black Tree Bridge read in RAW at the Auckland Arts Festival with Silo Theatre, and recently won Playmarket's 'Asian Ink' for her new script Orientation, which deconstructs the sexual stereotypes of Asian men. Her play Call of the Sparrows was backed by CNZ and Foundation North for a fully funded season at the Herald in 2016, which she also acted in. Chye-Ling is currently directing Asian Men Talk About Sex, a Loading Docs selected short doco, as well as Like Sex, Nathan Joe's award winning B425 play at The Basement this year. She recently launched under PAT a series of monthly playreadings which she will be directing using Asian actors and contemporary Asian scripts.

Male Lead: Arlo Green

Arlo Green has recently moved from the UK to Auckland. He has since played roles in Summer Shakespeare's As You Like It, The Merry Wives of Windsor and most recently ATC's BOYS.


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