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After head judging and mentoring over 800 New Zealand dancers as part of Hip Hop Unite Nationals for the past two years, Andrew Cesan has been selected to represent New Zealand on the judging panel of the 2018 Hip Hop Unite World Championships. 

Andrew will also get the opportunity to teach an international workshop, and complete his accreditation as a qualified international judge. This will be invaluable for the New Zealand Hip Hop community, as the knowledge and experience Andrew will gain he will be able to share with us.

He will do this through a variety of teaching tool videos as we prepare for the 2019 National Championships. It will also enable Hip Hop Unite to be able to provide more detailed and internationally relevant feedback to dancers and crews that are selected for the championships, and provide greater mentoring and upskilling for coaches and choreographers.  

Andrew has a vast knowledge and many years of experince in all aspects of dance, as a dancer, teacher, choreographer and judge.  

Hip Hop Unite New Zealand is contributing money to support Andrew, and HHU International will be providing all accomodation, food and travel within The Netherlands. 

Thanks for your support!

Gemma Laing, Event Director of Hip Hop Unite NZ
on behalf of Andrew Cesan