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South by Southwest is the largest music showcase festival of it's kind on the planet which runs from March 12 - 18 this year.

It's an incredible opportunity to extend our paws out into the world, connect with record label and booking agent reps, and other musicians from around the globe. It's a big deal, and we're so excited to get ourselves in amongst this music industry soup and begin putting our grubby little mitts all over the US musical landscape.

And since we're taking a plane trip anyway we thought 'carpe f...king diem' and so we're also booking a tour across the West Coast while we're at it! By good fortune we're being assisted by a bunch of musician and artist friends and our management team who are helping us put this tour together.

It's really important to us that our music and shows resonate with our audience in a way that is emboldening and uplifting. We write music to keep us all anchored when the world feels chaotic, music that connects us back to our communities and our eco-systems. 

Throughout 2017 we've been working super hard, releasing two music videos (another coming very soon!!) playing shows throughout Australasia and entering the NZ radio alternative music top 40 charts with our single Runes/Ruins.

America is big, really big, and it's gonna cost about $20,000 to pay for flights and visas for us and our tech crew. You can help us to get there by supporting this campaign - donating and sharing on your socials! 

For the cost of a couple of lattes or a-flash-as-dinner-at-one-of-Auckland's-premier-revolving-restaurants-that-is-up-a-tower, you can support a band that includes two very sleep deprived Mamas and one definitely less sleep deprived Jason to fulfil their dreams of kicking ass and taking names at SXSW! 



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Runes / Ruins - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c3lWn5hut_4
Page of Pentacles - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JF43jVlGJFY&t=4s
The Moon - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pGdVWM0YwgY


  • Sight Beyond the Line Video World Premier!!!


    Here it is !!!

    Thank you all you lovely people for all your support as we get ready to storm the States! 

  • What an amazing 24 hours!


    Thank you so much to everyone who donated yesterday, it really pushed us toward our goal! So close now, and with two days to go we can totally do this! 

    The Sight Beyond the Line video will be out tomorrow morning and we are really excited to be able to show it to all of you! xo

  • HEX on the home straight!!!


    Thank you so much for all your donations, only a few days to go, let's share the buzz and hit that target together!!

    Our visas are finalising and our flights to Los Angeles are booked!

    It's so exciting!!

    We're gonna be playing so many awesome shows while we're away, our itinerary is super packed and we'll be playing with and meeting musicians from all over the world. We're gonna be busy bees but we're still gonna find the time to produce a tour diary for online media which we'll link you all to, and keep all you lovely people updated on all of our exciting developments!

    Here's a cast and crew shot from Sight Beyond the Line, and the video is out at 9am Thursday morning NZ time! xxxo

    HEX on the home straight!!!
  • 555!


    Five days left and we're at 55% GOSH WE'VE DONE WELL! The latest big news is our visas have been approved! which means this is really happening! we're not just a bunch of crazy kids making up names for our conceptual bands anymore! 

    Our new video for 'Sight Beyond The Line' is premiering next Saturday (NZ time) on newnoisemagazine.com (check out this >>kickass<< still from the video directed by Amber Beaton) AND we've climbed to number 118 on the NACC charts!

    And in amongst all this we've been recording a bunch of ID tags for college radio stations, and putting the finishing touches on our tour itinerary, and practicing hard out for our album release on February 14 in Wellington <3 

  • Kiki's Summer Update!


  • NACC Charts Week 1 !


    It's real! Rockin' the charts in the US of A ! On the trail of the great white whale, Moby, even!

    NACC Charts Week 1 !
  • Well on our way!


    Hi all! Thanks so much for your support so far. Here is a list of what we've been working on so you can see how amped we are to make a big splash into the swimming pool of rock!

    Planning and organisation for this has been huge and we have lined up specific targeting with an American (and German/Austrian/Swiss now!) PR company, also marketing to college radio, and tour press in the States.

    Independent radio uptake for our soon to be released debut LP The Hill Temple has been phenomenal, with us placing at number 11 for independant and college radio playlist adds across the United States.

    This is serious traction and means that booking agent and record label representatives will be actively seeking us out to see what we are made of live at SXSW. Which is great as we’ve been rehearsing hard and have a seriously badass show to deliver when we get there.

    Among our packed tour dates we have a couple of great gigs with Chai from Nagoya, Japan in San Francisco, and a wicked gig with alt legends Royal Trux at the Echo on Sunset Boulevard LA.

    Our Berlin based PR representatives handle quality clients (Dandy Warhols, Brian Jonestown Massacre) and are pushing for major exposure across parts of Europe for promo video broadcasts of our pending single Sight Beyond the Line, and the following LP.

    The New Zealand Music Commision is also behind us, with tons of help and advice, and hosting us at the Official NZ Showcase concert at SXSW.

    Also, we just played a ripper of a show at the King's Arms in the weekend, check out the great pic from Dave Simpson.

    Thanks everyone for again for your support and please share in your networks so we can hit our targets and show the world the amazing music that is coming out of NZ!

    Well on our way!

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