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Dance and Performance needs your help to 'Move on Up'

2016 is shaping up to be a big year for all things movement related in Christchurch especially for us here at Dance and Performance:

• 2016 marks the 15th year of our annual Body Festival celebrating all things dance and performance movement related

• 2016 marks the 10th year of our low-decile primary schools dance project 'Dancing Like the Stars' in Christchurch, the 4th year in Dunedin and the planned piloting to four schools in Hutt City

• 2016 will see our high school dance ambassadors programme expanded to include 15-20 local high schools

• 2016 will see our workplace dance challenge 'Do a Little Dance' take place

• 2016 will be the year that a performance movement centre becomes a firm plan and starts to take shape as part of the rebuild plan!

A performance movement centre?

Tell me more!

Well we're glad you asked.

The recently announced masterplan for the Metropolitan Sports Facility, one of the key anchor projects in the Christchurch City rebuild, includes a 900sqm performance movement centre, Move as we like to term it, comprising purpose built spaces for dance, physical theatre and circus.

The centre will see over 100,000 people annually through its doors taking part in all forms of performance and movement inspired activities from professional to social dance and everything in between. The centre is going to be a fantastic asset for the city; and we believe our original suggestion that such a space be included and our ongoing lobbying for this space, for the last four and a half years, is a significant part of what has made this a reality.

To have it as a reality is exciting and we are pleased to have been invited on behalf of the dance community to inform the detailed planning of the space: which means we can contribute to ensure it is designed and operated to meet the needs of the dance and performance movement community and that there is zero barrier to participation throughout the space.

Now this is where we need your help to ensure we can achieve this.

Dance and Performance is a small organisation but one that we believe 'punches well above our weight' and leverages great outcomes from the funding and sponsorship we receive.

Nevertheless like many charitable community based organisations we run on tight finances and small surpluses. With the disruption that rocked the city through two the major earthquakes just over five years ago and the challenges presented to us to keep running and hold our festival and events during those five years, this has been even more of an issue.

To continue the fantastic work we do and ensure our ability to engage and lobby to achieve a great outcome for the performance move centre (Move), we're seeking to achieve a more stable financial position to ensure our ongoing ability to do this.

We're looking for your help to raise $10,000 to help us 'Move on Up', to help us to continue all of the great work we do for the community we serve.

If 500 people gave us $20 then we'd achieve that target, but we don't want people to feel they cannot give less or cannot give more and that $10,000 is the limit of our ambitions. Please give what you can and we assure you we can constructively use all we receive to continue the great work we do.

Once you've given you become one of our dance and performance champions and we hope you'll share our story with your friends, colleagues, neighbours, fellow dance enthusiasts and get them to donate as well.

So come on, help us to 'Move on Up'!


  • End of an era!


    To all our supporters, we are very sorry to have to convey to you the difficult news that the Board of Trustees has decided to wind up the Dance and Physical Theatre Trust – operating as Dance & Peformance. Because of this we unfortunately need to cancel this Boosted campaign.

    It has become increasingly clear in the last few days that even with a successful Boosted campaign we would not be able to sustain our on-going commitments.

    This is due to a combination of issues which has led to the Trust becoming financially unsustainable: running very tight finances for a number of years in a post-earthquake Christchurch; the 2015 Body Festival running a financial loss due to an unexpectedly low box office; and a lower level of funding than in previous years, coupled with the inability to attract the non-project organisational funding and sponsorship required.

    The Board and Staff wish to thank you all for your generous support for this campaign and regret that it has had to end in this way.

  • 38% to go


    a great end to the week and thanks to all of those who helped us to get to 62% of target.

    It's not necessarily a choreograhped dance routine but the following video clip gave us all a bit of a laugh on the weekend and who knows it could be a great ice breaker for a workplace dance challenge!

    Hungry Hippos extreme!

    hope you enjoy and keep spreading the word to people to donate. We still need plenty of support to get this project over the line

    38% to go
  • fixed link for Dancing Like the Stars


  • fixed link for Dancing Like the tars


  • Dancing Like the Stars


    As we approach the halfway point of our campaign we thought we'd start sharing some information on some of our projects to give you an idea of just what kind of things your donation is supporting.

    First up is our low decile primary school project dancing like the stars.

    We made a documentary on the project this year with the wonderful Belmont Productions and here it is.

    Keep spreading the word about our campaign as we've still a long way to go and thanks for support given so far or to be given shortly.


    Dancing Like the Stars
  • Moving On Up


    Not only was 1993 the year our young arts producer Emily was born it was also the year this apt video came out by Manchester (our artistic director's hometown) band M People.

    Help us move on up dance fans, let's have a great week on the campaign trail and no big deal but if we don't hit our target we don't get a cent!


    Moving On Up
  • 40% and rising


    it's Friday and our boosted campaign is sitting at 40% - can we get it to 50% by the end of the weekend - with your help yes we can.

    So jump on line and donate, large or small then do your own little super squirrel dance! It all helps move us on up and keep dancing


    40% and rising
  • Dance and Sport/ Leisure wear


    please donate to our boosted campaign so we can ensure this either does or definitely does not happen in Christchurch!!!!!!

  • Dance and Sport/ Leisure wear


    please donate to our boosted campaign so we can ensure this either does or definitely does not happen in Christchurch!!!!!!

  • 30% is a huge step towards our goal


    We hope you all had a good long weekend, we certainly did especailly as we are just past one week into the campaign and we've hit the 30% mark!

    You are all amazingly generous people and we look forward to continuing to update you on our progress as we move towards our target but in the meantime here's a few facts to keep you on message about why we dance!

    30% is a huge step towards our goal
  • 22% already, thanks so much


    As we head into the long weekend we want to thank all of those who have given, those who are about to give and those we haven't asked to give yet and to share one of our favourite all time dance music videos (well our director's favourite anyway).

    Have a great long weekend and keep spreading the world about dance as our 'weapon of choice'.


    22% already, thanks so much
  • it's 70s boogie time


    It's a bit grey and overcast here in the dance and perofrmance offices today so we thought we'd brighten the mood by getting our boogie on!

    Get yours on and while you're at it donate a bit!

    it's 70s boogie time
  • Earlier link now clickable and easier to dance to


    David should now be just a click away, just like your donations, just a click and a dance away!

  • Let's Dance


    2nd day dawns and we're at 15%, thanks to all the amazing people who've donated so far to help us get on the way to our target. A long way to go but we felt it was time to do a bit of dancing in the office so let David Bowie give you some time out in your day today and 'do a little dance' people.

  • half a day gone


    And we're already at 4%. Thanks so much to those who have donated so far. We're starting our  'move on up' and in case you need an idea of the kind of things we do here's a flashback to our unofficial world record for the largest synchronized dance to launch Body Festival 2008

    half a day gone