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The Grim Reapers are a bit stuck. Not going very well. They're tired and fear they are losing touch with The Youth. They know they need to change - maybe get on Twitter? - but are not sure how. So they (we) are asking the public to 'Help Us Change our image'. Whatever passersby suggest we will attempt to do, to boost our image and make us more user friendly. 

The project will occupy a shipping container as part of the Performance Arcade 2014 at the New Zealand International Arts Festival.  In our interactions with passersby we will play the role of those struggling to change, as are many organisations in the modern world.  We want to draw out a public discussion about the difficulty of social change, and we will extend this conversation to a wider audience via a specially created website and social media.

We have received partial funding from Wellington City Council's Public Art Fund, who also funded our Brides project last year.  With this campaign we will be covering the shortfall in our budget - largely technical costs such as lighting/effects hire and set/costume construction. The more successful this campaign is, the more creative we can be!


  • Banging Cymbals all the way to PERTH!


    Hello again everyone! What a successful show Grand Opening was!

    Just getting in touch as Jo & Geronimo have been selected to take BANGING CYMBAL, CLANGING GONG to FRINGE WORLD in Perth next year. We are running another boosted campaign and would love your generous support! Off we go to Perth!

    Banging Cymbals all the way to PERTH!
  • Artists getting Talky


    Hey!  If any of you generous donor folk are around Wellington tomorrow night you might like to pop into the Bolton Hotel at 6.00 pm - Thomas LaHood will be part of an Artist Talk there about this project, among others.  Would be great to see you there!

  • Change Technology!


    To celebrate reaching 30% of our funding goal, we have some exciting news to share about the Grim Reapers' progress.  They have consulted with a web design type-person and have contracted Owen McCarthy and Roseann Mckie to construct a new website/blog for them.  It's all a bit 'newfangled' but we are very excited!

    To thank you for your part in making this project a reality, we are offering all of our donors advertising space on the Help Us Change! website, or some kind of cameo appearance on our blog!  A sweet deal.

    Now comes the challenge: 7 days to go and two-thirds funding yet to secure, so spread the word, all you Friends of the Dead!  Let's bring these old bones out into the sunlight of the 21st century!

    Change Technology!


    Hey, we've reached 20% support for this project!  Almost enough for a smoke machine!  We're so excited about this work, and we're going to be involving some cool friends of ours, introducing the public to some Reapers who've hitherto had no public exposure.

    It seems like everywhere we look there's talk about change.  We think this show is going to strike a very rich vein.

    The Reapers themselves have been a big help publicising the campaign with their video clip, however we recieved some feedback that they were a little bit... well... 'grim', so we asked them to make another one showing their passion and enthusiasm for the project.  Here it is!

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