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I've been working hard on my design business for a few years now and I want to take the next step and grow my business.

I work 60 hour weeks and pay myself below minimum wage... so it's time to really take the next step and diversify my product range and start exporting.

I'm asking for a little help with this next next step; I want to connect with a business mentor and liaise with a small business financial advisor to help strengthen my business plan.

So, I'm asking for a little help from my friends and family. Thanks for your support!

How the money will be used:

$287 - 1 Year of Business Mentorship through www.businessmentors.org.nz

$199 - Session with a financial advisor who specialises in small business management



Founded in 2014 in Auckland, New Zealand Jason Lingard's eponymous label is dark and innovative with strong roots in the Gothic aesthetic and Orientalism. He employs modern draping techniques to create garments that are androgynous, timeless and transeasonal.

Lingard's work is best described as directional, neo-gothic design. Drawing inspiration from various influences including nature, new technology, science fiction, contemporary art, music and film. He employs a creative, fluid design process and aiming to create a balance between producing both challenging statement pieces and garments that are more timeless and wearable.

A central throughline in any of Lingard's collections is for each garment to fit interchangeable body shapes, genders and ages all the while transcending trends and fast-fashion.

Central to his ethos is an appreciation for high-end finishings; quality, natural materials such as leather, silk, wool and fine cottons; building a personal relationship with his local makers, suppliers and retailers; having a short supply chain that favours local producers as to understand the source of raw materials and reduce his carbon footprint.

Originally studying fashion design in 1999 at Massey University in Wellington, New Zealand Lingard decided to put his studies on hold to pursue his flourishing t-shirt label and interest in graphic design.

In 2002 he opened a co-op creative retail and gallery space on Cuba Street, "The Family", which ran for two years.

In 2004 Lingard relocated to Melbourne, Australia where he worked as a graphic designer and art director.

Unfulfilled creatively by this career move and finding himself drawn more to fashion projects Lingard then returned to New Zealand to complete his fashion degree at Auckland University of Technology.

He has spent time living in Seoul, Korea working as a teacher and has also taught fashion design at Auckland University of Technology (AUT).

Jason Lingard the label was launched in August 2014 at New Zealand Fashion Week, and is currently stocked at 20 retailers throughout New Zealand.