Bella de Silva

Help Local Students Perform Shakespeare in Wellington

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We are a group of students from Long Bay College that competed in The SGCNZ University of Otago Shiela Winn Shakespeare Regional Festival and were selected from 50 groups to perform and compete at the National Festival (UOSWSSF).
Any donation you are able to make to this campaign will go towards our airfares and accommodation in Wellington. The highlight of the trip will be performing our Shakespeare piece on the Micheal Fowler Centre stage in front of an entire audience of other Shakespeare lovers and the judges. We will also watch other groups performances and attend a variety of workshops in order to develop our skills in theatre, performance and public speaking, enhancing our confidence and our abilities as performers. We will be able to share this new found knowledge and experience with other arts students at our school and within the wider community, meaning this experience will benefit not only us but them as well!
We need roughly $3,000 to get our group to Wellington and are fundraising like mad to get the money. Any funds we are able to get from this campaign will give us a massive boost towards this goal!
Our entire group is excited and counting down the days until we can perform!