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Help get Matt Katz to the Watts Atelier in California

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Hi, I'm Matt. Teacher. Illustrator. Visual philosopher. Seeking funds to attend the Watts Atelier in California and bring valuable skills back to students in New Zealand.

Jeff Watts is one of the greatest fine artists alive today and his atelier is one of the best in the world. His track record for producing excellence in students is unmatched. I'm aiming to attend the Watts fall term, from October 12th to Dec 20th. My classes will total over 50 hours of drawing and painting a week for 10 weeks.

I've worked for publishers such as Scholastics, Macmillan and Pearson as well as a number of advertising and design companies. I hold a fixed term Senior Tutor position at Massey University teaching illustration and design theory and fundamentals. See below for a more specific list of subjects I've taught in.

Throughout my studies and career I've noticed the type of training offered by ateliers is lacking in New Zealand. I could have greatly benefited from this type of training during my years of study and now that I am at a certain level of ability and teaching experience I realise that I could be the one to make a difference. I plan to bring these skills and teaching methods back home, eventually setting up my own classes and workshops to pass this excellence on to budding New Zealand artists.

The entire trip will cost me over $14,000NZD, my campaign is for $3,000. If I happen to break above my requested goal then any extra will all go towards my remaining costs. Course fees are $6,800NZD, flights will be $2,500NZD, and ten weeks accommodation comes to about $4,000NZD. On top of that I will need to purchase materials and will of course have general living expenses.

Boosted campaigns do not offer direct rewards as their focus is on patronage, however if I receive considerable contribution or promotion I'm happy to discuss working together in any form of collaboration such as demos, workshops, tutorials, etc.

I'll be documenting my experience on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook so follow me at:

For further information here is a link to the Watts Atelier
and to my work

I've taught the following subjects at Massey:
Advanced Digital Illustration
Advanced Traditional Illustration
Intro to Traditional Illustration
Intro to ZBrush
Story and Narration
Sequential Art
Concept Art,
Advanced Design Studio
Intro to Design Studio
Character Design

Thank you so much for your time, effort and help in making this dream possible. I can't wait to see how much New Zealand flourishes from our future artists.
Matt Katz, BDes. (Hons.)




  • Extended Boost from Takapuna Art Supplies


    Hey everyone.

    I would like to once again thank everyone for their incredible support in all shapes and forms. Because of your help the campaign has reached the eyes and ears of multiple heavy hitters in the arts community who have come forward to share and back the campaign also.

    I would like to especially thank Takapuna Art Supplies, run by Sandy and Jim Auckland, who as an extended boost have offered me all of the materials I need for the Atelier course, at wholesale cost. For those not in the know of art supplies, this is some 30 odd panels, 30 odd brushes, 30 odd tubes of paint and so on. This gesture is literally saving me well over $1000 towards my overall costs. A game changer for sure.

    So now we are in the final 5 days!! This is really exciting as I push past $3,500. I still need your help to reach everyone. Every share, or email to someone counts, every dollar donated counts. Don't forget that you can claim back 33% of that donation from the NZ Taxman.

    Thank you all so much!! Onwards to California!

    Extended Boost from Takapuna Art Supplies
  • Help Boost me to 200%!


    I am incredibly humbled by the reaction towards my campaign from the community, family, friends, students, and mysterious anonymous people. You have all made this dream of mine possible! Group hugs all around. Your enthusiasm has been addictive and gives me hope that I can push this campaign even further.

    When I launched the campaign I was worried that I would not even be able to reach my goal, so I set it low. The reality is that in 10 short days, I boosted through my goal. Now I feel that together we can reach an even higher amount. Having reached $3000 I am now guaranteed the funds however my original goal was going to be $6000. So lets see how far we can go, every share counts, every little bit of exposure helps me find more incredible people like yourselves who are open minded, generous and believe in my mission.

    Lets boost to 200%!!!!

    Remember that the cost of the flights, my accommodation and the course fees add up to $14,000. On top of that I have to eat and buy materials. So every penny in this fundraising counts and will be going towards the trip!

    Thanks again, and continue to be awesome!
    On a minor side note, you might all be interested in seeing my timetable. So here it is attached, my classes are the red dots. 17 classes, 51 hours a week, 7 days a week for 10 weeks. My body is ready! Thanks to you, I'm going to the Watts Atelier!


    Help Boost me to 200%!