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Hell's Teeth is a post-apocalyptic multimedia performance set ninety years in the future.

Aotearoa New Zealand has been blighted with an epidemic of unknown origin and is isolated from the rest of the world. The only hint of outside communication is the signal broadcasting across all devices: parallel 38. With this their only clue, a group of desperate survivors traverse their once idyllic country to the signal's origin: Kaitaia. Upon their arrival, nothing is what they expect. It is here, at the limits of their endurance and courage, joined by the metaphysical presence of their homeland, and haunted by the memories of the ghosts they've left behind, that we join the survivors for the unforgettable climax of their story.

Whetungarongaro te tangata toi tu whenua.

As man disappears from sight, the land remains.

Four years ago, the Out Loud Theatre Company devised the play "After, We Will…" This brave piece of theatre was born out of the turmoil occurring overseas and in our own backyard. Epidemics such as Bird Flu and SARS posed challenging questions to society, and in the face of such hardship, terrible tales of cruelty emerged. However, there were also beautiful tales of incredible courage and humanity, showing the remarkable range of human emotion in the face of adversity.  Out Loud Theatre Company sought to examine these common human responses through a distinctly New Zealand filter, and the play was created.  The story, with its important themes and ideas, stayed with the actors, and in the beginning of 2012 we approached acting tutor, writer and director Ros Gardner to develop the story to its full potential. As a result, "After, We Will…" was revisited, revised, and reworked to become "Hell's Teeth" and Tell Tale Theatre Company was born.

In Hell's Teeth we combine innovative use of technology- live and recorded film, special FX and lighting with hard-hitting live performance. It will take the audience on an emotional and intellectually engaging ride. We believe absolutely in this work- we have filmed and rehearsed across the country in order to fulfil the huge vision of the piece. This project has been built with love, energy, and a passionate commitment to excellence, and we are excited to take audiences with us.

Tell Tale Theatre Company want to tell this epic tale in a truly intimate way -to achieve this we have woven a web around the characters and the audience, interposing individual stories with the events that triggered New Zealand's devastation. We juxtapose real-time theatre with recorded fragmentations of memory. The filmic element serves as an edgy, exciting, sometimes funny, and sometimes sad subtext to the greater narrative. Ironically, only the audience knows the full extent of Dark Cloud and the reasons for the disaster, thus, they become keepers of the secrets. By confronting the audience with this disaster borne out of technology, we aim to encourage introspection and evaluation of not just the world of the play, but also the world they currently inhabit.

We are thrilled to be staging Hell's Teeth at the unique and beautiful treasure- Crystal Palace Theatre, Mt Eden Rd in the second half of July. We aspire that Hell's Teeth is just the beginning of a long journey of evolution and growth for Tell Tale Theatre Company. 

We need your help to make this a reality.

Hell's Teeth is an exciting and ambitious multimedia project from a group of passionate and electric creators, and we would love for you to be involved in its inception.

To see this show come to life, please join us for the first ever season of Hell's Teeth at the Crystal Palace Theatre, Mt Eden, 18-27th of July. For more information please go here.


  • Come and see how we work!


    Interested in how we work? Want to have a nosey in the Crystal Palace Theatre? Want to get to know us a little bit more?

    We will be holding an open rehearsal this Sunday, the 14th of July at the Crystal Palace Theatre from 1-3pm. 

    Feel free to pop in during this time to have a look at what you are helping to create. 

    With one day to go we cannot thank you enough for your contributions. You, our donators are helping us to make Hell's Teeth come to life. 


    And psst - don't forget to tell all your friends about the show! Tickets are now on sale at iTicket


    Open Rehearsal:

    1-3pm, 14 July
    Crystal Palace Theatre
    535-537 Mt Eden Road, Mt Eden



  • Get to know us: 12


    James Jennings | Robbie

    How did you get involved in the show?

    Through Phil brooks who plays Eddie in the show, Phil and I are good friends and have worked together in the past, he mentioned "Hells Teeth" to me, gave me an idea and vision of the project. He also mentioned that Ros Gardner is its writer and director, Ros was also a tutor of mine back in Drama school, I had to say Yes.

    Tell us about yourself

    I was born here in Aotearoa, Auckland.

    My Mother from The Cook Islands, Raro Tonga and Father from England, North Hampton, so I've always felt culturally diverse, it's great!

    I started my acting career after graduating from Unitec school of performing and screen arts landing roles in both theatre and screen.

    Theatre shows including smack bangs "Tags","the Duffy show", the Outfits "Love after Dark","the Sex Show" also screen "Go Girls", "Legend of the Seeker" and several television ads.

    What is your favourite disaster/ post apocalyptic story?

    Oh so many! Mad max, The Quiet Earth, The book of Eli, I am Legend.

    I'm a bit of a gamer, so at the moment I'm playing an amazing playstation 3 game called "The Last of Us". 

    A pandemic radically transformed known civilization, infected humans run amuck and survivors kill one another for sustenance and weapons - literally whatever they can get there hands on.

    I have sneakily used this game as both research, work and pleasure at the same time, so I don't feel so bad playing it. (Good excuse huh?)


    Does your character have any odd traits?

    My character is a bit obsessive compulsive, ok very obsessive compulsive.

    It's been  an interesting challenge  to let that embody me as an actor, it changes the way I think, see, move and feel with this character.

    It's an odd trait but so much fun to play with as an actor.

    Do you form any special relationships with other characters?

    Yes and a very interesting one too, but you have to come see the play to see what those relationships are.

    How would you cope if something like Hell's Teeth happened?

    I would love to think that I would be the last remaining survivor and I would be awesome,

    Sadly that's not usually the case.

    I would probably run around in circles flailing my arms around screaming help from which I trip over myself hitting my head on the ground in the most un gracious falls ever where dying of embarrassment would become a thing.

    Get to know us: 12
  • We would like to invite you to....


    We would like to extend an invitation to everyone who has contributed on Boosted to join us on our Opening Night - Thursday 18th July at The Crystal Palace Theatre in Mt Eden.

    If you have donated to Hell's Teeth via Boosted then please contact us via our email address: so that we can send you an official invitation.

    Your contributions are making this play happen and we cannot thank you enough. With five days left to go there's still time to spread the word!

    Thank you again

    - Tell Tale Theatre Company

  • Get to know us: 11


    Holly Hudson | Ana | Susannah Smith Roy

    Holly joined the company early in 2012 and with her involvement the character Ana was born. Unfortunately due to scheduling conflicts Holly is unable to perform in this season of Hell's Teeth. Luckily for us Suzy offered to get thrown in the deep end. Here are their thoughts!

    Holly - How did you get involved in Hell's Teeth? 


    I grew up in the younger generation of Out Loud theatre company and am quite a bit younger than most of the other cast members. I was leaving high school and looking for a new challenge and our director and writer Ros Gardner approached me about Hells Teeth. I had seen the other actors work over the years and bits and pieces of their devising and was very keen to step up and work on this play. Ana and Perry weren't originally characters in After, We Will... but Ros kindly wrote them in for Tom and I. 


    Holly - Summarise Ana in three words

    Brave, assertive, vulnerable.

    Suzy - Tell us a little about yourself!


    My name is Susannah Smith-Roy, I am an avid lover of skateboarding, the south island, watching live cricket matches and liquorice allsorts. I graduated from Unitec where I studied acting in 2011 and last year I completed my Graduate Diploma in Secondary teaching. I am rather a late comer to the cast of Hell Teeth which make this experience even more exciting and invigorating as I learn about the terrifying and mysterious place our world has become and the people that remain in it.

    Would you be comfortable with Little Friend? 

    Holly - It would make me feel a lot safer but I feel like it would sacrifice a lot of my freedom. I am undecided whether I would feel uncomfortable with a company knowing so much about me and I don't think I could sacrifice my privacy for the sake of convenience. I don't think I would like to be part of the first test society of little friend either, when there is not a lot known about the side effects.

    Suzy - Hell no. But here’s the thing, it may not be such an outlandish prediction of the possibilities for our future world considering the technological advances that are taking place presently. The idea of no crime, no illness, and complete transparency may seems like an appealing world, but it will come at a cost. It makes me think about what defines humanity, what human rights are and who decides what this means.

    Suzy - What piece of advice would you give to someone in the world of Hell’s Teeth?

    Never give up. It would be so easy to just accept your fate and roll over and die considering the state of the world but now the future of mankind hangs in the balance and is on your shoulders so fight for survival. Also, do some looting... no ones gonna know or care.  

    How would you cope if something like Hell’s Teeth Happened?


    Suzy - Not well. My friends and family are my world and without them I would be reduced to nothing.... however I would like to think that I would fight for the future. Be courageous and brave and a little bit kickass.

    Holly - I would try to get to Waiheke as soon as I could. My parents live there and the isolation would give me peace of mind. It would be nice to be near the beach and the familiar surroundings. I don't think I would be the type to investigate into a disaster like Hells teeth depicts.

    Get to know us: 11
  • Get to know us: 10


    Jack Wheeler | David

    What do you do?

    I’m a recent communications graduate who works full time at Pead PR in Mt Eden. Outside of work I’m busy rehearsing and helping with the promotion side of Hell’s Teeth.

    What is something that you love about New Zealand?

    Call me shallow but what I love most about our country is its good looks. Whenever I come back from overseas I wonder why I even left in the first place.

    I also love the shape of our country – I think it looks nice on maps. 

    Summarise your character in three words.

    Loving, desperate, determined.

    What piece of advice would you give to someone in the world of Hell’s Teeth?

    Be inquisitive. With the country falling apart it may be up to you to find out what’s causing the problem. You can’t rely on anyone helping you. 

    What is your favourite disaster/ post apocalyptic story?

    “The Road” by Cormac McCarthy. I love how it delves so deep into human nature. I find it really interesting to analyse each character’s decisions in such an impossible situation. 

    This is exactly why I think people are going to love Hell’s Teeth.

    What do you think the future will look like?

    It’s a bit of a scary question to think about. It’s baffling what mankind has invented/developed over the past 100 years. There is no reason why we cannot continue this innovation. An interesting idea is that we will become too reliant on technology. In fact, Hell’s Teeth explores what could potentially happen when technology lets us down. 



    Get to know us: 10
  • Get to know us: 09


    Tom Augustine | Perry

    Tell us about yourself

    I've been involved with the creation of Hell's Teeth since Ros approached us with the idea of re-adapting the story from its original creation as After We Will. Performance has always been a great passion of mine and this is a great way for me to indulge while I study Screen Production at the University of Auckland. Along with acting, my other great love is cinema and filmmaking, and I have worked on a few short films and videos, working my way toward a professional career in the film industry. The film element of Hell's Teeth is without a doubt that most large-scale thing I've ever been involved with, and it has been both challenging and invigorating being part of the incredible principle photography and editing teams.

    Tell us about a special moment in the play

    Summarise your character in three words.

    <Do you form any special relationships with other characters?

    Unlike many of the other characters in my show, my character is not overly concerned with other people, rather his own survival and, interestingly, his own position of control over others. However, he does have a particularly complex and intense relationship with Ana, as the two have grown up together. Perry has a strange infatuation with her that partly derives from his ability (at the beginning of the show, at least) to control and manipulate her. Of course, that means that when Robbie enters the picture he is not particularly pleased.

    What is your favourite disaster/ post apocalyptic story?

    There are a great number of disaster/apocalypse stories that I am fond of, particularly Children of Men, Lost and the graphic novel Watchmen. However, my favourite post-apocalyptic story is a toss-up between the short film La Jetee and Kubrick's 2001: A Space Odyssey. La Jetee is an astonishing film comprised entirely of still images that manages to amaze me every time I see it. 2001 is not strictly post-apocalyptic, but depicts the transition from humanity as we know it to some new form of life beyond anything we know (a kind of apocalypse?) - and it is the greatest science fiction of all time. I'll fight you on this.

    How would you cope if something like Hell's Teeth happened?

    Dude, I'd probably be dead. I've always puzzled over people who are truly hoping that some sort of apocalyptic/zombie invasion event would occur. I'm always thinking, 'Chances are, you'll be a zombie. Everyone is going to be a zombie or dead. Or everyone you love will be a zombie or dead. It'd suck.' But yeah, I have no survival skills whatsoever. I'd be so dead. I'd be the guy who dies in the first scene and alerts everyone else to the fact that something is going down by his being dead (and I probably wouldn't even die in a cool way. I'd like cut my finger on a can opener and then die of infection or something (Or even worse, I'd be like Gwyneth Paltrow in Contagion. Jeez, that'd the worst)). Unless whatever is killing us is up for some sort of debate on the merits of Scorsese movies or something (and I mean, why not?) I'd not be of much use. SORRY TO ANYONE WHO ENDS UP WITH ME ON THEIR TEAM IN SOME POST-APOCALYPTIC SCENARIO. IT'S NOT GOING TO END WELL.

    Get to know us: 09
  • Get to know us: 08


    Mary McCormick | Bonnie Tolich

    Tell us about yourself.

    I have a degree in English and History from Auckland University. I work at a cafe called ‘Little and Friday’ where we have little animals for table numbers! I like to laugh. A lot. Probably too much. It can be problematic. 

    What is something you love about New Zealand?

    I love the land. I love the drive from Auckland to Gisborne, and how you can watch such different pockets of life pass by the window. I love that I grew up running wild and building huts in the  Titirangi bush, where getting lost for several hours during school lunch break was a day to day hazard.

    How did you become involved in the show?

    I was part of the original performance of ‘After, We Will...’ having worked with Ros for years, through Between the Lines and Out Loud theatre companies, after which I did various other things and went travelling for a while until finally seeing sense and rejoining the group for Hell’s Teeth. It has been incredibly interesting to rediscover essentially the same character, only a few years on, giving a new weight to everything.

    Summarise your character in 3 words.

    Alone. Desperate. Hoping.

    Does your character have any odd traits?

    She always carries a length of blue cloth around with her...

    Tell us about a special moment in the play.

    There is a moment that I really like where Bonnie, Eddie, Vai and Isadora almost forget for a moment everything that’s going on around them and engage in a childlike game, messing around and teasing each other. It’s just a lovely sense of innocence and fun, and normalcy, amid this unimaginably awful situation. It’s somehow so human.


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    Phillip Brooks | Eddie

    How did you get involved in the show?

    Ros approached me about doing the video component for the show. I last worked  with Ros back in 1999 in a Youth Theatre Company as an actor. Strangely, the show back then was also post-apocalyptic - it's clearly a theme that Ros has a connection with. I had just finished reading Stephen King's The Stand, so my mind was primed for this sort of work, and it's clearly a theme that I enjoy too. 

    What is something you love about New Zealand?

    I love that nothing is too far away - although, tell that to the characters of this show who have traversed the length and breadth of the country…they might have a different opinion.

    Summarise your character in three words.

    Antagonistic. Afraid. Conspiracist.

    Do you form any special relationships with other characters?

    Special? No. Eddie doesn't trust anyone. He wants to, because he wants to survive and he knows that his chances increase the more help he gets…of course he is also fearful that those chances could decrease with the wrong people. He gets on with Perry, Kris, Isadora and Bonnie. They have proven themselves to be of use or not a threat. Everyone else…not so much.

    Would you be comfortable with Little Friend? 

    I love the idea of cyborg-type enhancements to the human body. I see it being incredibly beneficial…that's probably what the people in the world of the play thought too.

    What is your favourite disaster/ post apocalyptic story?


    LOST, the TV Series. I absolutely loved it. It isn't exactly "the end of the world" scenario, but it is certainly a world separated from the one that we know, and it is definitely a disaster. The most compelling thing is character. You have an interesting cast of diverse characters, all dealing and struggling with their own survival in whatever way their previous lives primed them for. Tack on mystery and suspense and conspiracy and you have a melting pot for success. Our show is similar - except not drawn out over 6 years, so slightly more palatable.

    Get to know us: 07
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    Leah Nielsen | Shanti

    What do you do?

    I am currently studying Criminology at the University of Auckland and am in my Honours year. I find Criminology intriguing as it overlaps with so many other subjects that I am interested in - from sociology and psychology, to law, philosophy, and politics. In my spare time I like to go to boxing classes and I love to run, especially trail running. This year I have entered a number of trail half-marathons, one every three weeks until September.

    Where is your favourite place in New Zealand?

    Te Ananaui farm/beach. My Mormor and Morfar have lived on this beautiful farm by the beach for as long as I can remember. They used to farm cattle there, but the farm has since been converted into an olive grove and they have started making their own olive oil. The beach is only accessible via the surrounding farms and is gorgeous. You can see glimpses of it in Hell's Teeth - we travelled down there to film some of the footage for the play.

    Summarise your character in three words.

    Practical. Determined. A survivor. 

    What is your favourite disaster/post apocalyptic  story?

    When I was in school I was very interested in the ideas in dystopic novels, but I think my favourite has to be Margaret Atwood's Oryx and Crake. I love that the focus is on the characters and how they respond to the environment and events. Atwood paints such a wonderful picture of the dystopic world and she always includes a puzzle for the reader to solve or an unexpected twist.

    Would you be comfortable with Little Friend?

    I am in two minds about this. On the one hand, I can see how it would be useful in diagnosing, monitoring, and managing medical conditions, and it would certainly make our lives less cluttered. On the other hand, I do not like the idea that a piece of technology (or, more accurately, those that create and run that piece of technology) would have so much influence in our lives. The possibilities for abuse of this power are endless. As with any piece of technology, there may be benefits, but those benefits always come with associated risks and costs, and the benefits do not always outweigh the costs.

    What do you think the future will look like? 


    Perhaps it is the Baader-Meinhof phenomenon, but I feel as though technologies like Little Friend are getting closer and closer to becoming a reality. While perhaps not going as far as a bio-chip injection, just the other day I read an article on silicon "tattoos" that monitor the heart and blood and send a message to your smartphone. The article even suggested that these chips could be implanted inside the heart within the next 10 years. I have also heard of tiny chips that are implanted under the skin and send information about glucose and cholesterol levels via bluetooth. In a world where we are increasingly reliant on technology, it is easy to see how something like Little Friend could become a reality. 

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  • Get to know us: 05


    Shaan Kesha | Kris

    How did you get involved in the show?

    It all started when I joined Between the Lines at TAPAC (PASNZ) in 2004. It was there I met a fine group of people also interested in acting (although may be a passion now) who would later become what we have today as Tell Tale Theatre Company, booyah! This show was originally devised while acting with Out Loud Theatre Company (a follow-on from BTL) under the direction of Rosalind Gardner. However, it was never performed to its true potential… until now. So here we are.

    What is something you love about New Zealand?

    EVERYTHING! Ok that’s a lie, nowhere’s perfect. I’d have to say the thing I love most about Aotearoa is how we do really big stuff for such a small country… I know that’s worded terribly but do you know what I mean? We were the first to conquer Everest, we had LOTR filmed here; we even have one of, if not, the best SAS Force in the world… random I know, but cool. The list goes on but NZ has really put itself on the map, and I’m really proud of it.

    Summarise your character in three words

    Awesome, Handsome, Funny.

    Do you form any special relationships with other characters?

    Yes. Kris met Shanti and David prior to the time of the play. He and Miriama have journeyed with them since and they really look after one another. Shanti in particular takes a lot of weight of Kris’ shoulders by helping take care or Miri.

    What piece of technology would you love to see invented?

    I don’t know if I could limit myself to one piece of technology in particular. I’d have to say that most of the things Batman uses would be more than ideal if reproduced for consumer purposes.

    What do you think the future will look like?


    Seeing that I’m a big movie buff (especially action and sci-fi), I imagine the future to look, well, somewhat like the movies! I know for a fact that tech developers get quite a bit of inspiration from movies set in the future so it’s easy to see why I have that opinion. In terms of people, it’s hard for me to say. The way in which people interact in society has changed over the years but it’s hard to know how it will change. I like to think we’d stay somewhat the same, just taking for granted all the things technology makes easier for us over the years.

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  • Want to be part of the show?


    Whetungarongo te tangata toi tu whenua.
    As man disappears from sight, the land remains.


    We often talk about how Hell's Teeth is a total world. Yes, we have thirteen actors on stage but the story doesn't begin or end with these thirteen. When exploring the aftermath of an apocalype, the people you've lost (whether you know them or not) become as important as those who survive. And while we may get to know thirteen survivors, who is to say that they are the only ones?

    That's where you come in. 

    We need faces and video of people to become those lost, those dying, worried, clutching to survival, or clutching to memories. The video doesn't need to be high tech - a cellphone or webcam will suffice and it doesn't need to be long either. We'll be using these videos and images as part of the show and to help establish the world of Hell's Teeth on

    If you're interested in becoming part of the show or want more information then please get in contact with us at





  • Get to know us: 03


    Damien Avery | Johnny Cameron / Camera 

    How did you get involved in the show?

    I have worked with the gorgeous Ros Gardner before, at Unitec while I was a student there, and we always got along famously, enjoying each others work ethic's and methods. When I saw the audition notice on 'The Big Idea' for Hells Teeth, being directed by Ros, I was surprised to find that I had already seen the original production 'After, We Will...' when these guys performed it as part of Out Loud Theatre Company and was pleased to see it was going to be taken further. I was excited at the potential of being involved so approached them for an audition. Apparently I received a glowing recommendation and was asked to join the cast. I was welcomed with open arms...


    Tell us about yourself


    Origionally from Te Puke in the Bay of Plenty I starting acting when I was very young and have always known it's what I've wanted to do.

    I moved to Auckland in 2003 to study at Unitec School of Perfoming and Screen Arts, and since graduating I have been lucky enough to work on many off shore and local productions with some incredibly talented people. These include but are not limited to; Power Rangers RPM, Nothing Trivial, Underbelly New Zealand, Field Punishment #1 (in post production) and productions for Auckland Theatre Company (In the Next Room, The Next Stage) and the Court Theatre in Christchurch (The Slapdash Assassin).

    I believe acting is the science of human beings and I am blessed to be able to bring characters and stories to life not only as a job but for the entertainment of all.


    Summarise your character in three words


    Broken. Sad. Surviving.


    Does your character have any odd traits?


    Camera is an interesting one. His job as a photographer gives him an eye for seeing and gleaming details/information through the lens. He becomes obsessed with the idea of capturing the journey of himself and the other survivors, so that the 'story' of LF and what happens to New Zealand is never forgotten. The flip side of this trait is that he finds it difficult to connect with people with out his camera, preferring to pull away and observe human interaction rather than get involved.


    What is your favourite disaster/ post apocalyptic story?


    Actually a video game and the world that Bethesda set up in Fallout 3. The mix of futuristic technology mixed with 1950's Art Deco design is fantastic. But it was the idea of the majority of humanity living in 'Vaults' underground and not realising that the world (all be it a mutated one) was continuing above ground was really genius. Post apocalyptic stories are really interesting because you get to explore and see the true nature of human beings with only their social conscious to guide them... If there were no rules, what would you do?

    Get to know us: 03
  • Get to know us: 02


    Mo McArtney | Isadora


    How did you get involved in the show?

    I've been working with Ros since I was about 13 – Teenage Theatre Performance at TAPAC. Now I'm 21 so that's 8 years, gosh! It was during our last year in Out Loud that we put on 'After, We Will...' which is the baby version of Hell's Teeth. Ros wrote the play and devised it with us, she has a gift for writing. It's so full of the most well crafted and beautiful images. It's something that's been very close to our hearts for a long time and now it's re-vamped and the name's been changed to something a bit more rough and tumble.


    Tell us about yourself

    When I finished school I got a bad case of the travel bug, I wanted to explore so I went to London, where I did a screen acting course at LAMDA (London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art). I loved it there so much that I thought I'd give it a shot at auditioning for some drama schools there the following year. I was unsuccessful but am now studying at The Actors Program here in Auckland, which is probably the best decision I have ever made. It's phenomenal!


    Tell us about a special moment in the play

    The end of the play is particularly stunning. It's my favourite part! You'll have a tear or two in the eye, garuntee it. Yes-even you, boys.

    That's all. My lips are sealed.


    Summarise your character in three words.

    Independent, fiery, compassionate.


    Would you be comfortable with Little Friend?

    No, I'm quite happy fishing out my wallet and carrying my passport around in my bag. The way technology is headed, these things are actual realities in our future. Society has a way of becoming so excited and obsessed with new innovative technologies and it scares me sometimes how far we stray from the good old natural and pure. Which is why Hell's Teeth is so interesting- that's all we're left with. Us and the land.


    Do you form any special relationships with other characters?

     Vai and Isadora are both from Gisborne. We stumble upon each other and travel up the country together. Our relationship is a strange mix- and unspoken bond. We need each other to keep going because we've lost everything else. We would never gravitate towards each other in a normal circumstance and we certainly don't get along like two peas in a pod. It's a friendship based on a mutual need for human contact and to survive. Another character whom I have a special relationship with is Bonnie. We both have a fiery determination to live, to succeed, to get through it. And we recognize that in each other.

    Get to know us: 02
  • Get to know us: 01


    Madeleine de Young | Helen

    What do you do?

    I’m in my last year of a conjoint Arts/ Health Science degree. Which pretty much means a public health policy/ English/ New Zealand politics degree. Usually that confuses people, but it works, I promise. I also run a blog called and have been working a bit on the production side of Hell’s Teeth. 

    What is something that you love about New Zealand?

    I love how easy it is to escape and find some wilderness. My mother’s family is from Otaki and so I know the drive from Auckland to Otaki like the palm of my hand. The wild of West Coast beaches. The magic of the Desert Road. When I'm in the city for too long I get scratchy. 

    Summarise your character in three words.

    Lost. Broken. Losing it. 

    What piece of advice would you give to someone in the world of Hell’s Teeth?

    Don’t give up on your loved ones.  That’s the major mistake that my character makes and she regrets it the whole way up the country. But there’s no phones or email or anything so she can’t change her mind.

    What is your favourite disaster/ post apocalyptic story?

    I find the ideas behind Children of Men fascinating. How when there’s no children, there’s no future and how everyone loses hope. On the flip side, I also loved The Tribe when I was kid. The imagery in that show was really strong.

    What do you think the future will look like?

    A while ago I heard a paleo futurist getting interviewed on National Radio. He looks at the past to predict the future and was talking about how while we’ve developed hugely in some areas (i.e. electronics) that other things just carry on. We’ve had the technology for flying cars since the 50’s but the logistics just don’t work.

    Then there’s the scary stuff like Monsanto patenting pigs. I suppose I can’t really see what the future will look like, I just feel like we need to be constantly reminding ourselves – yes we can, but should we?


    Get to know us: 01
  • Our Video is now LIVE!


    You may have noticed that we kicked off Boosted without a video. Hopefully it was worth the wait because our video is now live and we're really proud of it! In it you get to see the cast talking about the process of creating Hell's Teeth and some of the footage we've taken for the show. 

    To everyone who has donated so far we'd like to say a huge thank you and keep checking in! We're going to start putting up some incentives as time goes on.

    Check out our video on YouTube here or up on our Boosted page!

    Our Video is now LIVE!