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Heart to Heart

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Introducing 'Heart to Heart' - a snapshot in time of a woman's mind, and the consequential actions that follow...

We invite you to become part of the film world by making a donation towards the filming and release of our movie.

Heart to Heart is the upcoming project from Detour Picture House and Cool Story Bro Film, starring Justine Hunter (Take 3) and Lauren Porteous (Dear Murderer).

Set in Raurimu in the dead of winter this film will intrigue, challenge and explore obsession and oppression - are women really for or against one another?

As filmmakers, we strive to tell authentic stories in dynamic New Zealand locations that appeal to a local and global audience.

'Taking inspiration from David Fincher, Stanley Kubrick and Alfred Hitchcock - when it comes to telling this story, anyone can be a monster' - Director Lauren Porteous, Winner Best Female Director 48hrs Film Festival 2016

'It's vital to me that everything we produce takes you on an emotional journey, a rollercoaster that you can't get off' - Greg Smith, Winner Best Short LA Subversive Film Festival 2015

Key Crew: Producer Greg Smith, Writer Director Lauren Porteous, Director of Photography Jason Antoni Crane and Original Music & Score Francis Hunt.

Projected budget is $15,500 to cover location, crew, camera/lights/drone, food, post, submissions etc. and any contribution will help us take care of the people involved and produce an amazing film.

With your help, Heart to Heart can be made, submitted and seen at key upcoming short film festivals such as Sundance, Toronto IFF, Berlin IFF, and Melbourne IFF, to name a few.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.


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    Thank you everyone! Every contribution helps. Please friends share, today is the last day!!!