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Heart People is an exciting international collaboration between a collective of filmmakers from New Zealand and Laos PDR. We aim to produce a heartfelt and dramatic story of the human spirit - set in the dangerous underworld of illegal logging and mining in the picturesque provence of Xiengkhouang, Laos.

Over the past year a fabulous relationship has been formed between Lao New Wave Cinema Productions - a group of filmmakers out "to change the face of the Lao movie industry" and Flow Productions based in Wellington, New Zealand.

We share a love of filmmaking and are joining forces to create something special and unique. 

We are looking at getting this project up and running in two stages.

Stage 1: research and development of the story

Stage 2: Sourcing production and post production funding. 

We are being realistic about this process and certainly won't be looking to Boosted to fund the production of this film.

We are turning to Boosted for stage 1 only.

Essentially we'd be looking to fund a story development process whereby we (Flow and Lao New Wave Cinema) can connect in Laos to discuss, develop and write the story/script.  We plan to all travel by van to Xiengkhouang, to meet with locals from the area and to hear their stories. 

We will also be taking the hugely talented and multi-award winning director of photography, David Paul (Rage, Until Proven Innocent) to document this journey and begin the process of shooting a behind the scenes documentary of this amazing film project. 

This would very much be a co-production between NZ and Laos, which is a first. Ultimately, when finally shooting the feature film Heart People, we will take crew from New Zealand to Xiengkhouang to work along side local crews from Laos. Most of this film will be shot in Laos but some will also be shot here in New Zealand. 

We really appreciate all your support in helping us get the first stage of this project underway.

Go ahead and watch our video - we trust you will enjoy! 


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Thanks and Khwap Jai!

Thomas, Susan, Kino, Kham and Anysay 



  • Heart People Film - THANKS!


    Hi there Everyone!

    Well our Heart People campaign has been running for a week now and we are 16% there.  It's an excellent start.  We still have a long way to go but we're feeling hopeful we'll reach our target!

    Firstly - AN ENORMOUS THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT!!!  We all really do appreciate your donations towards our special project.  We have high hopes for this film and will make sure that you are updated throughout the entire journey with photos and videos from the development process.  Ultimately we look forward to you enjoying the finished film from wherever you may end up seeing it.  Even better, we hope to see you in person at the premiere!

    But before we get too far ahead of ourselves we need to keep working hard on the Boosted campaign.  We will continue to do our best to get the word out there and keep the support coming in.  Please continue to share the link to our project with anyone you think might be interested.  Here it is...

    Thanks again everyone for your support, we will be in touch via Boosted and our Facebook page.  

    All the best,

    Thomas, Suze, Kino, Kham and Anysay








    Heart People Film - THANKS!